BROADCAST DATE : Nov 16, 2012

Left for Dead

In his debut on the fifth estate, Mark Kelley tells the story of two friends who depart on the adventure of a lifetime, travelling from Ohio to Sweden in a twin engine small plane. Their adventure soon turns into a struggle between life and death over the icy waters of the Hudson Strait as they fly over the remote reaches of Northern Canada. The engines sputter and quit, the plane crashes into the icy waters just south of Baffin Island on a cold, dark night. Hours later a rescue helicopter and planes circle overhead in the search for survivors using spotters and search lights, but find nothing. There is no trace of the two men who cling for life helplessly on chunks of drifting sea ice, deep in polar bear hunting grounds without food, water or any means of communication.

To the outside world, it seems as though the men have vanished, and rescue teams give up hope of finding them alive. The pilot's wife receives the grim news: there is no sign of the plane, and no sign of life. But hundreds of kilometers away, off the coast of Labrador, a Newfoundland ship captain sets off on an incredible journey in a true life tale of dogged determination, heroism and sheer good luck.