Apr 8, 2016 Stolen Treasures

Three tales of stolen treasures: A hunt across two continents for the true owner of a Modigliani masterpiece that may have been looted by the Nazis during World War II. The first television interview with one of Canada’s most prolific art thieves, John Mark Tillmann -- he stole an estimated 10,000 items and the Mountie who tracked him down called him a “kleptomaniac with taste.” And on the frontlines with Canada’s little-known wildlife cops, who are tackling a $30 billion illegal trade in everything from reptile parts, plants, tusks and ivory.

Mar 25, 2016 The Trial of Jian Ghomeshi

It was a case that captivated the country: a CBC celebrity accused of sexual assault against three women. The stakes were high. Not only was Jian Ghomeshi on trial, but many felt Canada’s justice system was as well. Now, Mr. Ghomeshi has been found not guilty on all counts against him. The judge had 'no hesitation' in reaching his conclusion and ruled that the evidence of each complainant 'suffered not just from inconsistencies and questionable behaviour, but was tainted by outright deception'. So what happened inside that courtroom during those eight intense days? Why were there so many surprises? With dramatic recreations of key turning points, the fifth estate takes viewers deep inside one of the most watched trials in this country’s history.