Feb 2, 2018 The Mystery of the Sherman Murders

Barry Sherman was Canada’s top pharmaceutical executive, worth over $4 billion dollars. His wife, Honey was a philanthropist who raised millions for charities. They were loved and admired for their success and generosity. But Barry also had a long list of enemies which had grown over time as he battled rivals in courtrooms and boardrooms, always determined to win, whatever the cost… So when the couple were found strangled in their Toronto home in December, the whispers began. Did someone really hate them enough to kill them? Was it a professional hit, an act of bitter vengeance from someone known to the Shermans, or was there another explanation? The Fifth Estate uncovers new leads in the mystery of the Sherman murders.

Jan 26, 2018 Driving High: Is the test for weed reliable?

As Canada prepares for legal pot, the federal government plans to spend as much as $80-million to train 750 police officers to smoke out high drivers. But how sound is the test? A Fifth Estate investigation raises serious questions