Oct 20, 2017 Motherisk: Tainted Tests & Broken Families

It seemed so perfect, so scientific - a hair test that could objectively determine whether parents of young children were abusing drugs or alcohol. But it turns out the 'Motherisk' hair testing was flawed, and improperly administered all across Canada over twenty years. The results were devastating. Families broken up, children seized and irrevocably adopted out. The Fifth Estate tracked down parents who share stories for the first time on Tainted Tests: Broken Families. Mark Kelley reports. A joint investigation with the Toronto Star and CBC Radio’s The Current.

Oct 13, 2017 Jagmeet Singh: The Colour of Politics

He pulled off a first-ballot victory to become the new leader of the NDP, becoming the first visible minority to head a major political party in Canada. How did Jagmeet Singh do it? What singular event pushed him into politics -- and what keeps driving him to take on the political establishment? Find out as The Fifth Estate goes behind the scenes of his campaign and we sit down for an in-depth interview with the newest player in Ottawa.