Nov 28, 2014 The Unmaking of Jian Ghomeshi

He was the breakout success the CBC needed and there was a time Jian Ghomeshi was everywhere - on radio, TV, hosting award galas and specials. Still there were whispers and allegations.... Ghomeshi was arrested on sex assault charges Wednesday but for years he seemed untouchable. Did his stardom blind people to what was going on ? CBC insiders tell the story of what really happened. The fifth estate investigates The Unmaking of Jian Ghomeshi.

Nov 21, 2014 The Interrogation Room

They were just witnesses to a murder, pressured by the police to change their story until the wrong man was jailed for a crime he did not commit. Linden MacIntyre takes you inside “The Interrogation Room” with disturbing police videotapes that reveal an investigation gone terribly wrong.