Jan 9, 2015 Putin’s Long Shadow

He casts a long shadow over globe. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has outlasted three U.S. presidents and is on track to stay in power until 2024. But a joint investigation by the fifth estate and PBS’ Frontline reveals an even darker side to one of the world’s most powerful leaders: Allegations of criminal activity dating back to his early days as a top official in St. Petersburg; ties to organized crime and money-laundering activities; and a secret personal fortune said to be in the billions.

Dec 5, 2014 Stalking Amanda Todd : The Man in the Shadows

The name of Amanda Todd became synonymous with cyber-bullying and loss after the B.C. teenager committed suicide. Mark Kelley of the fifth estate reveals the never before told story of her accused online stalker, the global police hunt for him and troubling questions about why the suspect wasn’t stopped before Amanda took her own life.