Timeline: Kingston Penitentiary Events

June 1, 1835
Kingston Penitentiary opens and is as Canada's first penitentiary. The word penitentiary comes from the word penitent and the idea that inmates can become penitent and reformed after living in isolation.

Edwin Alonzo Boyd spends part of WWII training special forces in hand-to-hand combat. Upon returning to Canada he gets a job with the Toronto Transit Commission, operating street cars.

September 11, 1947
Iris Scott and George Vigus Sr. are found dead in the trunk of a car in Toronto.

September 9, 1949
Boyd robs his first bank and gets away with 3,000 dollars.

Boyd enters Kingston Penitentiary, sentenced to eight consecutive life sentences for robbing banks.

November 24, 1961
Kingston Penitentiary guard William Clement Wentworth is stabbed to death by an inmate.

Boyd offers authorities information on Wentworth's killer. He is paroled after serving ten years.

October 3, 1984
Nine-year-old Christine Jessop is abducted from Queensville, Ontario.

December 31, 1984
A man walking his dogs finds Christine's body 56 kilometres east of Queensville, in the town of Sunderland. She has been raped and mutilated. A semen stain is found on her underpants.

February 22, 1985
Durham Regional Police question Christine's next door neighbor, Guy Paul Morin. He becomes the police's prime suspect.

April 22, 1985
Guy Paul Morin is arrested for the murder of Christine Jessop.

February 7, 1986
Guy Paul Morin is acquitted of first-degree murder after 13 hours of jury deliberation. The crown prosecutors promptly appeal the verdict and a new trial is ordered by the Ontario Court of Appeal.

July 30, 1992
Morin is found guilty of first-degree murder at his second trial. He appeals the verdict.

February 9, 1993
Morin is granted bail and is released from Kingston Penitentiary.

April 12, 1994
"The Trouble with Evan" is broadcast on the fifth estate. It focuses on an 11-year-old who is being verbally abused by his parents. The critically acclaimed documentary draws connections between parent and juvenile crime. Watching from his prison cell in Saskatchewan, inmate Ty Conn is compelled to write a letter addressed to the program.

September 1994
Linden MacIntyre meets Ty Conn in the special handing unit in a prison in Prince Albert Saskatchewan.

October 1994
Ty Conn appears in a follow-up documentary to "The Trouble with Evan" which is titled "Verbal Abuse." Conn shares publicly his experiences of growing up in an environment and being doomed to a life of crime.

January 1995
Morin is exonerated by the Ontario Court of Appeal. DNA testing shows unequivocally that the semen found on Christine's body does not match Morin's.

The same month, a task force is established to reinvestigate Christine Jessop's murder.

Linden MacIntyre meets Edwin Alonzo Boyd. He is living outside Victoria B.C. as the principal care giver for his disabled wife and her best friend.

June 26, 1996
The Ontario Government calls a public inquiry into Guy Paul Morin's wrongful conviction. It is headed by the Honourable Fred Kaufman, a former judge of the Quebec Court of Appeal.

The Kaufman Inquiry releases its findings into Morin's wrongful conviction.

Ty Conn is transferred to Kingston Penitentiary from Millhaven Institution, another maximum-security penitentiary. Conn is said to have told authorities about a mass prison escape plot. Authorities say they transferred him for his own safety.

February 26, 1998
The Jessop task force is disbanded after failing to find Christine's killer. The killer remains at large.

May 6, 1999
Ty Conn escapes from Kingston Penitentiary.

May 20, 1999
Ty Conn dies by shooting himself with a shotgun while on the phone with fifth estate producer Theresa Burke. Burke and Linden MacIntyre believe Conn accidentally shot himself.

Linden MacIntyre scatters Conn's ashes off the coast of Cape Breton Island. Linden, Theresa, and Ty had become close friends over the years.

Edwin Boyd tells a fifth estate producer he murdered a man and woman and dumped their bodies in Toronto's High Park. The details of the crime fit the September 11, 1947 murders of Iris Scott and George Vigus.

Boyd dies of natural causes in on May 17th.

The Jessop murder file is with the Metro Toronto cold case squad. They say the investigation remains open and active.