The Full Air Force Review

2006 Operational Requirements Concept Documents and Annex

In 2005 and 2006, the Canadian Air Force visited five aerospace companies, including F-35 maker Lockheed Martin, to assess the world market in fighter jets. In his report "Operational Requirements Concept Document for the New Generation Fighter Capability" dated June 22, 2006, the head of the air force recommended that Canada continue as a partner in the Joint Strike Fighter program with "the intention but not a commitment, to potentially purchase the aircraft at a later date." It adds that "arguably, if the JSF delivers everything that has been promised by Lockheed Martin...JSF will prove to be the best available replacement aircraft to meet future Canadian aerospace warfare requirements."

Read "Operation Requirements Concept Document (ORCD) for the New Generation Fighter Capability (NGFC)" (PDF 1.93MB)

The annex to the report, which describes each company visit, states that export controls prevented the Air Force from getting some of the information they needed to assess each aircraft.

Read "Annex B to Operational Requirements Concept Document" (PDF 1.49MB)