Behind the recreations

Producer Linda Guerriero and cinematographer John Badcock provide insight into the process of filming the courtroom recreations for The Trial of Jian Ghomeshi.

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Homicide 24 Interactive Timeline

The investigation into Homicide 24 of 2007 was a tough one for investigators on Toronto's homicide squad. The murder of Glen Davis was a puzzle — why would anybody want a generous philanthropist dead? With few clues, no witnesses and only blurry images of suspects, the case went cold for 18 months.

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Listen to the wiretap evidence

The case of the murder of Glen Davis went cold for 18 months, until a confession that stunned investigators. Using wiretap evidence, the true story began to unravel, revealing a lurid tale of family, money and resentment.

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Archibald Kaiser on the Incompetent Persons Act

Archibald Kaiser is a professor of Law at the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University. He talks with the fifth estate about problems with the existing law the Incompetent Persons Act, why the government needs to repeal it, and what a new law should look like.

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