More Whistleblowing Stories

Want to know more about whistleblowing? the fifth estate has covered the stories over several whistleblowers over the years.

2012: Whistleblowers: Moment of Truth We catch up with some of our most memorable whistleblowers to find out what life after that pivotal moment is like. The Health Canada employees who took on Monsanto in the mid 1990s, a girl who told of sexual abuse in religious circles and the woman who exposed sexual harassment in the RCMP.

2003: Spiritual Shepherds As Catholics and Anglicans confront the sins of their fathers, the Jehovah's Witnesses have been less than forthright about their own alleged legacy of abuse. But this church, too has had serious problems, and around the world, former members are beginning to break the silence.

1994: Big Milk, Big Muscle, Big Money The story of how two Health Canada employees who gave us evidence that blocked federal approval of a dodgy drug that was supposed to increase the productivity of dairy cattle.

1979: The Silkwood Syndrome Report on the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Karen Silkwood, who was killed in a car accident while on her way to meet a New York Times reporter to whom she was to give evidence that Kerr-McGee, an Oklahoma uranium processor and the company she worked for, was violating nuclear safety standards. Silkwood, along with union reps began collecting evidence on the deplorable safety standards in the early 1970s. The company was so intertwined with government that when the case went to trial, they couldn't find an Oklahoma judge that was impartial. Karen Silkwood eventually learned that she had been contaminated with plutonium and she was barred from working in the area where she'd been collecting evidence. An investigation was launched into how she'd been contaminated: by herself accidentally, intentionally or if the company had done it to her. All that was concluded from the trial was that she had not contaminated herself intentionally. Regardless, it is still a mystery what caused Silkwood's car accident. There are two differing accounts of how she crashed - a car either pushed her from behind until cornered into a concrete wall, or she fell asleep at the wheel. Either way the folder with the evidence she was bringing to a reporter disappeared and has never been recovered.