Mohamed Farah : The Somali community reactions to 2012 shootings

Mohamed Farah is the man who tried to broker the sale of the video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine. He is a community activist and youth mentor in the Dixon neighbourhood. Farah was born to Somali-Canadian parents and immigrated to Canada in the early 1990's.

In the summer of 2012 a shooter opened fire in the Eaton Centre, Toronto's biggest downtown shopping mall.  Gangs settling scores had long plagued some of the city's troubled suburbs, but now it had arrived in the centre.  In the midst of the chaos of that day, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford arrived on the scene to offer assurance that the city was safe and the people responsible for the shooting would be arrested.  Shootings however, continued throughout the summer and in July, Ford appeared with Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair promising a crackdown on gun violence.  In this video Mohamed Farah shares how Toronto's Somali community reacted to the wave of shootings.