Secrets of the Smudge

Nicole Rainville was 71 years-old and partially paralyzed on her right side when she was found dead in her Quebec City condominium on November 12, 2009. She had a bullet wound in her left temple ...

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The Trajectory of the Bullet

When former judge Jacques Delisle was found guilty of murder, a key element in the crown’s case was the trajectory of the bullet. To support their theory, the crown claimed Delisle must have held the gun to his wife’s temple at a 30 degree angle ...

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Al-Jazeera responds to Mohamed Fahmy’s allegations

As part of the fifth estate's research into Mohamed Fahmy's arrest and imprisonment, Gillian Findlay met with Al Anstey, the Managing Director of Al Jazeera English. We put several of Fahmy's allegations about Al Jazeera's conduct prior to his arrest and during the trial to Mr. Anstey. Click thro

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