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Eyou Dipajimoon
with Christopher Herodier

Val d'Or tournament livestreamed for the first time

vald'ortournament.jpgMore than 100 teams will compete in the 22nd Annual Minor Hockey and Broomball tournament that got underway in Val d'Or April 10th. For the first time, fans who can't make it to the tournament can watch live online at this site. Christopher Herodier spoke with organizer Charles J. Hester about what's in store.  
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Bill Namagoose on Quebec election

Liberal-QC-620.jpgQuebec has a new premier, Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard was elected on April 7, 2014. Joshua Loon spoke to Bill Namagoose executive director of the Grand council to get reaction to the results
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Deputy Grand Chief Rodney Mark on Liberal win

The Liberal win in Quebec and in Ungava mean changes for the Cree Nation in it's dealings with provincial government. Joshua Loon spoke with Deputy Grand Chief Rodney Mark to talk about what the Grand Council's priorities are with the new Liberal government.

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Liberal Ungava MNA Jean Boucher on historic election win

The April 7th election in Quebec marks the first time the Ungava riding will be held by the Liberal Party. Liberal Jean Boucher unseated the Parti Quebecois' Luc Ferland in a close race. Boucher is a lawyer working for the Kativik Regional Government in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik. Joshua Loon spoke with Boucher moments after he was declared the winner. Christopher Herodier has Cree translation. 

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Attention Gamers!

Our friends at Rezolution pictures have something to celebrate! Their sister company - Minority Media - has a hot new game available on the iOS App store. 

LOCO MOTORS is a physics-based puzzle app. It's only been out for a few days but it's already created a lot of buzz, reaching  number 1 in 48 countries. 

Ernie Webb is the founder and executive producer of Rezolution Pictures. He spoke to Joshua Loon about the game.
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Friday Funny Story: Flora's Big Dog

This week, Maamuitaau's Flora Weistche has a story of her very own to share. It involves her Great Dane Max, and a garbage container. You'll never guess what happens...
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Gabriel Herodier's Funny Story #2

Gabriel Herodier tells us about the time he took a visitor out on James Bay...

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Funny stories with Gabriel Herodier

Today, we introduce a new funny story contributor: Gabriel Herodier.

In this episode, Gabriel tells us about an adventure he had with his late uncle, Allan Herodier, out on James Bay.

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Fred Tomatuk on understanding birdsongs

In this week's Traditional Pursuits column, Fred Tomatuk explains how in the past, our elders could tell how the weather would turn out by the way the birds chirped.

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Restorative justice sessions underway in Nemaska

Restorative justice sessions are taking place in Nemaska, February 18-20, 2014. Teddy Wapachee is the Justice Officer in Nemaska, and Christopher Herodier spoke with him about what restorative justice means. 
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