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Unconventional Panel: March 2013 Archives

Unconventional Panel - Post-secondary education

Does it matter which school your post-secondary degree comes from? Our Unconventional Panel (George Brookman, Shelley Youngblut and Spencer Brown) debate the issue.


Unconventional Panel - Scrapping standings

Should the Alberta Soccer Association stop keeping track of standings in youth soccer? Our Unconventional Panel (George Brookman, Leanne Shirtliffe and Shane Byciuk) joined us on Wednesday's Eyeopener to debate the issue.


Unconventional Panel - Carry-on luggage

airport-travel-7855746.jpgWith WestJet changing its rules for carry-on baggage, we ask our Unconventional Panel how much baggage should be allowed on flights - or if carry-ons should be allowed at all.