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Send us your photos!

We'd like to know what you're doing when you listen to the Eyeopener! Email your photos to eyeopener@cbc.ca or send us a tweet @CBCEyeopener. We've got coffee mugs to give away to our listeners!

Here are a few of the photos we've received so far:

Lee is listening in his Grade 6 class as he plans for the day:
x2_896388c.jpgZaak knows that the Eyeopener is part of a complete breakfast:
DSC_0384.jpgLin is listening online in Bayfield, Ontario!
Listening to Eyeopener 001.jpg
One of our younger listeners, Eleanor:
photo.JPGFran is a first-year student at ACAD - she's listening after pulling an all-nighter:
Photo on 2011-10-03 at 07.55.jpg
Fraser seems to have this listening thing all figured out:
Calgary-20111003-00006.jpgA young, well-dressed listener:
Thanks for the photos, everybody - keep them coming!