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The Eyeopener
with David Gray
& Angela Knight

Physician assisted death

A person's right to die has been a hot topic in Canada lately... but what about the doctor's to refuse a referral for assisted suicide.


Banff train

Thinking of going to Banff this weekend, but worried about the traffic? What if you could take a train?


Romance and kids

With Valentine's day and Family Day colliding this year ... we ask: is romance possible after kids?


Gravitational wave

We hear from a Calgarian who was at the heart of the gravitational wave discovery.


John Gilchrist

John Gilchrist reviews one of several restaurants called Pho Anh ... this one in the Northwest.


Mario Trono's film reviews for February 11, 2016

Film critic Mario Trono offers his thoughts on "Crimson Peak" and "Man Up," two films newly available for home viewing.



"Tristan and Isolde" theatre review

Eyeopener theatre reviewers Jonathan Love and Jennifer Keene review the New York City Players' touring production of "Tristan and Isolde," currently on stage at Calgary's Theatre Junction Grand.


Teaching and technology

How does technology affect kids' development? It's a topic of discussion at this year's Calgary City Teachers' Convention meeting. We talk to Harvard researcher Michael Rich and ATA staff officer Phil McRae about the issue.