Party Candidate Votes Status
153/153 polls Updated: Apr. 8, 2014 12:47 AM EDT
LIB Jean-Denis Girard 11,658 Elected
PQ Alexis Deschênes 8,452
CAQ Diego Brunelle 6,634
QS Jean-Claude Landry 2,531
PC Pierre-Louis Bonneau 260
ON André de Repentigny 238

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Riding profile

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The riding of Trois-Rivières consists of a central slice of the city of the same name, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and Quebec City.

The riding was first created way back in 1792. In the 2011 redistribution, it lost some territory along its northwestern edge, but gained a rectangular area in its southwest.

Political history

The riding has been won by three different parties since 1998. It was the seat of the PQ's Guy Julien, minister for agriculture and fisheries, then industry and then revenue in the 1990s and early 2000s. The ADQ briefly held the riding following the 2007 election. Liberal Danielle St-Amand has won the seat in the last two general elections. In February 2013, she announced she would not be running in the next election for health reasons. 

2012 provincial election results:

Party Candidate Votes
LIB Danielle St-Amand 11,248
PQ Djemila Benhabib 10,254
CAQ Andrew D'Amours 7,447
QS Jean-Claude Landry 1,609
ON Charles-Hugo Normand 1,129
IND Robert Deschamps 217
EA Kathie Mc Nicoll 116


Prior results:


PQ's Guy Julien defeated Liberal imcumbent Paul Philibert by 609 votes. Appointed to cabinet.


PQ's Julien defeated Liberal Guy Leblanc by 1,523 votes.


Liberal André Gabias defeated PQ's Julien by 880 votes.


AQD's Sébastien Proulx defeated Liberal André Gabias by 2,385 votes.


Liberal Danielle St-Amand defeated PQ's Yves St-Pierre by 960 votes. 

1995 sovereignty referendum: Yes: 55.6%; No: 44.4%

2014 Candidates

Parti Québécois Alexis Deschênes
Coalition Avenir Québec    Diego Brunelle Diaz  
Québec Solidaire Jean-Claude Landry
Liberal Jean-Denis Girard