Party Candidate Votes Status
176/176 polls Updated: Apr. 8, 2014 12:47 AM EDT
PQ Jean-François Lisée 12,632 Elected
LIB Thiery Valade 11,115
QS Jean Trudelle 6,920
CAQ Carl Dubois 5,252
GRN Ksenia Svetoushkina 488
ON Sophie-Geneviève Labelle 321
BP Matthew Babin 200
ML Stéphane Chénier 78

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Riding profile

riding map

The east-end Montreal riding is middle-class in its northern section, where it borders on Petite Patrie, one of poorest neighbourhoods in the city. Most residents — 70 per cent — are renters rather than homeowners.

The riding's boundaries didn't change in the 2011 adjustments.

Political history

The Liberals won the seat in 1985 and 1989, but since then the Parti Québécois has had it locked down, most recently by MNA and former cabinet minister Louise Beaudoin. Beaudoin, whose first stint in the provincial legislature was in the riding of Chambly, notably left the PQ to sit as an Independent for 10 months until April 2012, when she rejoined the party. High-profile candidate, Jean-François Lisée, ran in Rosemont in 2012 for the PQ and again bested the Liberal competition. He served as the minster responsible for Montreal in the PQ's last cabinet. 

2012 provincial election results:

Party Candidate Votes
PQ Jean-François Lisée 16,689
LIB Madwa-Nika Phanord-Cadet 7,837
CAQ Léo Fradette 6,657
QS François Saillant 5,567
ON Johanne Lavoie 1,075
BP Raynald St-Onge 220
CC Daniel Guersan 160
ML Stéphane Chénier 126


Prior results:


PQ's Rita Dionne-Marsolais defeated Liberal Nicole Thibodeau by 2,500 votes. Appointed to cabinet.


PQ's Dionne-Marsolais defeated Liberal Jonathan Sauvé by 2,668 votes.


PQ's Dionne-Marsolais defeated Liberal Marylin Thomas by 1,423 votes.


PQ's Dionne-Marsolais defeated Liberal Yasmine Alloul.

2008 PQ's Louise Beaudoin defeated Liberal Nathalie Rivard by 5,663 votes. 

1995 sovereignty referendum: Yes: 53.6%; No: 46.4%


Coalition Avenir Québec    Carl Dubois    
Parti Québécois Jean-François Lisée
Liberal Thiery Valade
Québec Solidaire Jean Trudelle