Party Candidate Votes Status
148/148 polls Updated: Apr. 8, 2014 12:47 AM EDT
PQ Harold Lebel 11,923 Elected
LIB Pierre Huot 8,797
QS Marie-Neige Besner 4,812
CAQ Steven Fleurent 3,173
ON Pierre Beaudoin 314
PN Pier-Luc Gagnon 218
BP Tom-Henri Cyr 136

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Riding profile

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This riding in the Lower St. Lawrence region northeast of Quebec City includes Rimouski, Le Bic, Saint-Fabien and many smaller communities. The riding lost a couple of municipalities in the 2011 redistribution, but still stayed 98 per cent intact.

Political history

The Parti Québécois has won this riding in the last six elections; before that, it went Liberal three times in a row.

2012 provincial election results:

Party Candidate Votes
PQ Irvin Pelletier 15,951
LIB Raymond Giguère 7,268
CAQ Jean-Paul Carrier 5,682
QS Rosalie Carrier Cyr 2,409
ON Pierre Beaudoin 908
GRN Clément Pelletier 624
PN Renaud Blais 179


Prior results:


Liberal Michel Tremblay defeated Parti Québécois's Jean-Yves Roy by 3,578 votes.


Parti Québécois's Solange Charest defeated Liberal Tremblay by 2,627 votes.


Parti Québécois's Charest defeated Liberal Chantal Landry by 7,070 votes.


Parti Québécois's Charest defeated Liberal Èric Forest by 3,360 votes.


Parti Québécois's Irvin Pelletier defeated Action Démocratique du Québec's Roger Picard by 3,531 votes.

2008 PQ's Pelletier defeated Liberal Raymond Giguère by 3,549 votes. 

1995 sovereignty referendum: Yes: 63.7%; No: 36.3%


Coalition Avenir Québec    Steven Fleurent      
Québec Solidaire Marie-Neige Besner
Liberal Pierre Huot
Parti Québécois Harold Lebel