Party Candidate Votes Status
169/169 polls Updated: Apr. 8, 2014 12:47 AM EDT
LIB André Fortin 25,649 Elected
CAQ Michel Mongeon 3,026
PQ Maryse Vallières-Murray 2,897
QS Charmain Levy 2,157
ML Louis Lang 131

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Riding profile

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The riding of Pontiac, in Outaouais region north of Ottawa, stretches from the former city of Aylmer (now Gatineau) into the vast forests of north-central Québec. Outside the suburban pocket of Aylmer, which is home to many federal public servants, the big industries are farming and logging.

The riding first existed for the 1854 election. It changed little in 2011, losing a segment in central Gatineau.

Political history

Pontiac has voted Liberal for decades.

2012 provincial election results:

Party Candidate Votes
LIB Charlotte L'Écuyer 16,983
CAQ André Laframboise 5,417
PQ Geneviève Gendron-Nadeau 4,835
QS Charmain Levy 1,565
GRN Garry Bélair 906
ON Patrick Émard 223
ML Louis Lang 61


Prior results:


Liberal Robert Middlemiss defeated Unity Party's Mark Alexander by 3,255 votes. Appointed to cabinet.


Liberal Middlemiss defeated Parti Québécois's Françoise Trudeau-Reeves by 18,883 votes.


Liberal Middlemiss defeated PQ's L. Hubert Leduc by 17,933 votes.


Liberal Charlotte L'Écuyer defeated PQ's Luc Côté by 14,671 votes.


Liberal L'Écuyer defeated ADQ's Victor Bilodeau by 10,874 votes.


Liberal L'Écuyer defeated PQ's Nathalie Lepage by 9,409 votes.

1995 sovereignty referendum: Yes: 12.8%; No: 87.2%


Parti Québécois Maryse Vallières-Murray
Coalition Avenir Québec    Michel Mongeon
Liberal André Fortin
Québec Solidaire Charmain Levy