Party Candidate Votes Status
152/152 polls Updated: Apr. 8, 2014 12:47 AM EDT
LIB Hélène David 15,368 Elected
QS Édith Laperle 4,621
PQ Roxanne Gendron 3,993
CAQ Rebecca McCann 2,252
GRN Théo Brière 660
PN Mathieu Marcil 192
ON Galia Vaillancourt 154
PC Simon Pouliot 80

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Riding profile

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The Montreal Island riding is a contrasting mix of francophone elites in the borough of Outremont, Montreal's bohemian Mile End neighbourhood and the multi-ethnic, working class Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood. About 32 per cent of residents spoke a first language other than English or French, according to the 2006 census. The riding's federal counterpart, the seat of NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, shares the name but not the boundaries.

Political history

At the provincial level, Outremont has been reliably, though not always overwhelmingly, Liberal since 1966. It has been the seat of several Liberal cabinet ministers, including Jérôme Choquette (justice, education in the 1970s), Pierre Fortier (finance from 1986 to 1989) and Gérald Tremblay, the former Montreal mayor, who was Quebec's industry minister from 1989 to 1994. Former Liberal finance minister Raymond Bachand won the 2012 election and, after the departure of Jean Charest, joined the party leadership race. After losing his leadership bid to former health minister, Philippe Couillard, Bachand announced he would retire from politics. Couillard, who didn't have a national assembly seat when he was named party leader, ran a successful byelection campaign in the riding vacated by Bachand, once again securing Outremont the Liberals. In this election, Hélène David, sister of Quebec Solidaire co-spokesperson Françoise David, will run as the Liberal candidate, with Couillard moving his campaign to the Roberval riding. 

2013 provincial byelection results:

Party Candidate Votes
LIB Philippe Couillard 5,582
QS Édith Laperle 3,264
ON Julie Surprenant 677
GPQ Alex Tyrrell 384
PCQ Pierre Ennio Crespi 145
PN Mathieu Marcil 59
EA Guy Boivin 17


Prior results:

June 1996 byelection

Liberal Pierre-Étienne Laporte defeated Parti Québécois's Armand Elbaz.


Liberal Laporte defeated PQ's Jean-François Thuot by 8,172 votes.


Liberal Yves Séguin defeated PQ's Marilyse Lapierre by 6,057 votes. Appointed finance minister, resigned in 2005.

Dec. 2005 byelection

Liberal Raymond Bachand defeated PQ's Farouk Karim by 1,930 votes.


Liberal Bachand defeated PQ's Salim Laaroussi by 5,933 votes.


Liberal Bachand defeated PQ's Sophie Fréchette by 5,649 votes.

2012 Liberal Bachand defeated PQ's Roxanne Gendron by 4,830 votes.

1995 sovereignty referendum: Yes: 34.4%; No: 65.6%


Liberal Hélène David         
Parti Québécois Roxanne Gendron
Québec Solidaire Edith Laperle
Coalition Avenir Québec    Rébecca McCann