Party Candidate Votes Status
151/151 polls Updated: Apr. 8, 2014 12:47 AM EDT
LIB Gerry Sklavounos 15,566 Elected
QS Andrés Fontecilla 9,330
PQ Pierre Céré 5,369
CAQ Valérie Assouline 2,415
GRN Jeremy Tessier 482
ON Miguel Tremblay 263
BP Hugô St-Onge 143
ML Peter Macrisopoulos 116

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Riding profile

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Laurier-Dorion is located in central Montreal and spans from l'Acadie Blvd. to Papineau Blvd. in the east, and from the Metropolitan Highway (Autoroute 40) to Jean Talon Street and the CP Rail tracks in the south. Part of the boroughs of Villeray and Park Extension lie within the district, as does Jarry Park.

The riding did not change in the 2011 boundary revisions.

Political history

The riding was created in 1992 and has been Liberal in every general election. It went PQ briefly in a 2004 byelection.

2012 provincial election results:

Party Candidate Votes
LIB Gerry Sklavounos 10,987
PQ Badiona Bazin 8,504
QS Andrés Fontecilla 7,844
CAQ Marie Josée Godbout 3,154
ON Miguel Tremblay 917
GRN Danny Polifroni 480
IND David H. Cherniak 119
ML Peter Macrisopoulos 100
CC Yves Pageau 66
NA Michel Dugré 50


Prior results:


Liberal Christos Sirros defeated Parti Québécois's Benoit Henry.


Liberal Sirros defeated Parti Québécois's Robert Loranger.


Liberal Sirros defeated PQ's Tomas Arbieto. Resigned in June 2004 to become ambassador in Brussels.

September 2004 byelection

PQ's Elise Lefebvre defeated Liberal Voula Neofotistos by 483 votes.


Liberal Gerry Sklavounos defeated PQ's Lefebvre by 1,096 votes.


Liberal Gerry Sklavounos defeated PQ's Badiona Bazin by 2,069.

1995 sovereignty referendum: Yes: 37.2%; No: 62.8%

2014 Candidates

Parti Québécois Pierre Céré
Québec Solidaire Andrés Fontecilla
Coalition Avenir Québec    Valérie Assouline
Liberal Gerry Sklavounos