Party Candidate Votes Status
191/191 polls Updated: Apr. 8, 2014 12:47 AM EDT
LIB Gaétan Barrette 25,955 Elected
IND Fatima Houda-Pepin 10,452
CAQ Jin Kim 5,600
QS Johane Beaupré 1,728
ON François Létourneau-Prézeau 534
PC Sebastian Fernandez 256

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Riding profile

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La Pinière is on the South Shore across from Montreal. It is coterminous with the Montreal suburban municipality of Brossard. The riding has been around since 1988 and stayed the same in the 2011 redistricting.

Political history

The Liberals have held the riding since its creation. However, the very public departure of Fatima Houda-Pepin, who left the party over its stance on Bill 60 and will run as an independent, and the Liberal's quick decision to run former CAQ star candidate Gaetan Barrette in Houda-Pepin's place has muddied the waters of the riding's political future. 

2012 provincial election results:

Party Candidate Votes
LIB Fatima Houda-Pepin 20,559
CAQ François Lemay 10,199
PQ Pierre O. Thibert 7,427
QS Johane Beaupré 1,820
GRN Marc-André Beauchemin 797
ON Mylaine Larocque 431
PC Claude Chalhoub 306
UCQ Sean Connolly-Boutin 111
ML Serge Patenaude 62


Prior results:


Liberal Jean-Pierre Saintonge defeated PQ's Christiane Rouillard Lafontaine by 6,985 votes.


Liberal Fatima Houda-Pepin defeated Parti Québécois's André Kahlé by 10,057 votes.


Liberal Houda-Pepin defeated PQ's Marià Teresa Pérez-Hudon.


Liberal Houda-Pepin defeated PQ's Marcel Lussier.


Liberal Houda-Pepin defeated ADQ's Marc-André Beauchemin by 9,132 votes.


Liberal Houda-Pepin defeated PQ's Jocelyne Duguay-Varfalvy by 10,434 votes. 

1995 sovereignty referendum: Yes: 33.1%; No: 66.9%

2014 Candidates

Québec Solidaire Johane Beaupré
Liberal Gaétan Barrette
Coalition Avenir Québec    Jim Kim
Parti Québécois No candidate
Independent  Fatima Houda-Pepin