Party Candidate Votes Status
140/140 polls Updated: Apr. 8, 2014 12:47 AM EDT
PQ Carole Poirier 9,038 Elected
QS Alexandre Leduc 7,926
LIB David Provencher 4,675
CAQ Brendan Walsh 3,097
GRN Malcolm Lewis-Richmond 352
ON Simon Marchand 316
PN Justin Canning 278
BP Etienne Mallette 182
ML Christine Dandenault 61

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Riding profile

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This traditionally working-class constituency in Montreal's east end borders on the St. Lawrence River to the south and downtown Montreal to the west. The riding was created in 1988, modified somewhat in 2001 and left unchanged in 2011.

Political history

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve was Parti Québécois mainstay Louise Harel's riding from its creation until she resigned in 2008, a year before the ran for Montreal mayor. Harel held a series of cabinet posts over the years, including the ministries of employment, immigration, status of women and municipal affairs. She was also Speaker of the Quebec legislature for a year and interim leader of the Opposition following the resignation of Bernard Landry as PQ chief in 2005. In 2012, incumbent Carole Poirier handily secured her reelection, winning 45 per cent of the vote. 

2012 provincial election results:

Party Candidate Votes
PQ Carole Poirier 12,754
QS Alexandre Leduc 6,701
CAQ David Monette 3,564
LIB Alexandre Farley 3,262
ON André Lamy 1,116
GRN Nicholas Kulak 453
PN Denis Poulin 162
CC Jean-François Jetté 145
ML Christine Dandenault 84
PI Serge Provost 40


Prior results:


PQ's Louise Harel defeated Liberal Yvon Lewis.


PQ's Harel defeated Liberal Eric Taillefer.


PQ's Harel defeated Liberal Andrée Trudel.


PQ's Harel defeated Liberal Richer Dompierre by nearly 7,000 votes.


PQ's Harel defeated ADQ's Marie-Chantal Pelletier by 9,176 votes.


PQ's Carole Poirier defeated Liberal Julie Tremblay by 6,415 votes.

1995 sovereignty referendum: Yes: 65.5%; No: 34.4%

2014 Candidates

Liberal David Provencher
Québec Solidaire Alexandre Leduc
Coalition Avenir Québec      Brendan Walsh
Parti Québécois Carole Poirier