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NDP Gilles Bisson 11,818 Elected
LIB Sylvie Fontaine 5,592
PC Steve Black 5,226
GRN Bozena Hrycyna 401
COR Fauzia Sadiq 61

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Riding profile

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This riding, which covers the northeast corner of the province, is the second largest in Ontario.

The riding extends from Hudson Bay in the north to James Bay and the Quebec-Ontario border in the east. The riding's largest population centre is Timmins, in the southeast, but it also includes Kapuskasing, Smooth Rock Falls, Moosonee, Hearst and many native reserves.

In the 1999 redistribution, the new riding of Timmins-James Bay combined 81 per cent of the former Cochrane North riding with an equal portion of the old Cochrane South.

Population: 81,957 (2011 census; an increase of 1.4% from 2006) 

Political history

New Democrat Gilles Bisson once again won the riding in 2011, beating Tory Al Space by 2,964 votes. Bisson also bested Liberal Pat Boucher by 3,447 votes in the 2007 election.

He also beat Liberal Michael Doody by just over 2,500 votes in 2003, and won in the new Timmins-James Bay riding after redistribution in 1999.

Bisson was first elected in 1990 to the old Cochrane South riding, and repeated the feat in 1995. Progressive Conservative Alan Pope held the riding from 1977 until 1990, when he opted not to seek re-election.

In the old riding of Cochrane North, René Fontaine prevailed in 1985. Fontaine resigned from the legislature in 1986, but reclaimed the seat in a subsequent byelection and then won in 1987. New Democrat Len Wood won the riding in 1990 and again in 1995.

2011 Provincial Election Results



Total votes


NDP Gilles Bisson 11,479 49.73
PC Al Spacek 8,397 36.38
LIB Leonard Rickard 2,856 12.37
GRN Angela Plant 243 1.05
FP Robert Neron 108 0.47



The boundaries of this riding have changed since the last census, so accurate current demographic information is unavailable.


2014 Candidates

Conservative   Steve Black
Liberal   Sylvie Fontaine
NDP   Gilles Bisson
Green   Bozena Hrycyna
Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party   Fauzia Sadiq