Party Candidate Votes Status
241/241 polls Updated: Jun. 13, 2014 1:49 AM EDT
LIB Jeff Leal 24,649 Elected
PC Scott Stewart 15,909
NDP Sheila Wood 9,726
GRN Gary Beamish 2,285
IND Brian Martindale 395
SPO Andrea Quiano 131
FP Wayne Matheson 121
PPO Gerard Faux 63

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Riding profile

riding map

This central riding includes the city of Peterborough and surrounding areas including Havelock, Norwood and Lakefield.

It runs from Rice Lake in the south to Buckhorn Lake and Stony Lake in the northwest. Trent University is located in the riding, as are a number of native reserves.

In the 1999 redistribution, the new riding of Peterborough combined more than one third of Hastings-Peterborough with the bulk of Peterborough.

Population:  118,938 (2011 census; an increase of 2.0% since 2006)

Political history

Liberal Jeff Leal defeated Progressive Conservative Alan Wilson by 4,107 votes.  In 2007 he won by a comfortable margin, defeating PC Bruce Fitzpatrick by 11,290 votes. Leal unseated Tory Gary Stewart in 2003 by over 6,000 votes.

Stewart held off a challenge by Leal in the 1999 election after the redistribution by a 2,602-vote margin.

In the old riding of Peterborough, Tory John Turner won the seat four times, beginning in 1971, and served as Speaker of the legislature from 1981-85. The seat was won by Liberal Peter Adams in 1987, but he lost to the NDP's Jenny Carter in 1990. After just one term, Carter fell to Stewart in 1995.

2011 Provincial Election Results



Total votes


LIB Jeff Leal 19,319 39.79
PC Alan Wilson 15,309 31.53
NDP Dave Nickle 12,458 25.66
GRN Gary Beamish 1,235 2.54
FP Alex Long 127 0.26
SPO Ken Ranney 104 0.21



Unemployment Rate
Provincial 6.4%
National 6.6%
Provincial 13.56%
National 13.71%
Home Owners
Provincial 26.61%
National 26.92%
Avg Family Income
Provincial $90,526
National $82,325
Provincial 28%
National 20%
Post-Secondary Degree
Provincial 33.54%
National 33.35%

Source: Statistics Canada, 2006 Census

2014 Candidates

Conservative   Scott Stewart
Liberal   Jeff Leal
NDP   Sheila Wood
Green   Gary Beamish
Freedom Party of Ontario    Wayne Matheson
Socialist Party of Ontario    Andrea Quiano
Paupers    Gerard Faux
Independent    Brian Martindale