Party Candidate Votes Status
244/244 polls Updated: Jun. 13, 2014 1:49 AM EDT
LIB Marie-France Lalonde 29,945 Elected
PC Andrew Lister 18,473
NDP Prosper M'Bemba-Meka 4,909
GRN Bob Bell 2,041
LTN Gerry Bourdeau 512

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Riding profile

riding map

Most of the residents in this largely bilingual riding live in the Ottawa suburb of Gloucester. The riding includes most of the former city of Gloucester and part of Cumberland Township in the northeast. The Rideau River borders the riding in the south.

As a result of the redistribution of 1999, this riding took in 66 per cent of the Carleton-East riding and slightly more than 25 per cent of Prescott-Russell. The name of this riding was changed to Ottawa-Orléans from Carleton-Gloucester in June 2000.

Population: 119,287 (2011 census; an increase of 8.5% since 2006)

Political history

In 2011 Liberal Phil McNeely beat Progressive Conservative Andrew Lister by 2,854 votes. In 2007, he won by 8,954 votes against PC Graham Fox by 8,954 in the 2007 election and toppled Tory incumbent Brian Coburn in 2003.

Coburn took the restructured riding for the Tories in 1999, defeating Liberal René Danis.

The old riding of Carleton-East was held by Progressive Conservative Albert Lawrence from 1963 to 1974, serving in John Robarts's cabinet. The NDP's Evelyn Gigantes held the seat from 1975 until early 1981, when Tories reclaimed it. Liberal Gilles Morin held the seat from 1985 to 1999, serving in the cabinet of David Peterson.

The former riding of Prescott-Russell was a Tory holdout through the 1960s and 1970s, but elected Liberal Don Boudria in 1981. Although Boudria resigned to run federally, the Liberals retained the seat until 1999.

2011 Provincial Election Results



Total votes


LIB Phil McNeely 21,714 46.16
PC Andrew Lister 19,015 40.42
NDP Doug McKercher 5,070 10.78
GRN Tanya Gutmanis 880 1.87
FP David McGruer 211 0.45
LTN David Paul 153 0.33




Unemployment Rate
Provincial 6.4%
National 6.6%
Provincial 13.56%
National 13.71%
Home Owners
Provincial 26.61%
National 26.92%
Avg Family Income
Provincial $90,526
National $82,325
Provincial 28%
National 20%
Post-Secondary Degree
Provincial 33.54%
National 33.35%

Source: Statistics Canada, 2006 Census

2014 Candidates

Conservative   Andrew Lister
Liberal   Marie-France Lalonde
NDP   Prosper M'Bemba-Meka
Green   Bob Bell
Libertarian    Gerry Bourdeau