Party Candidate Votes Status
203/203 polls Updated: Jun. 13, 2014 1:49 AM EDT
LIB Daiene Vernile 18,459 Elected
PC Wayne Wettlaufer 11,546
NDP Margaret Johnston 9,761
GRN Ronnie Smith 2,462
LTN Patrick Bernier 557

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Riding profile

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Kitchener Centre is bordered by Highland Road to Lawrence Avenue and Victoria Street South in the north, and Conestoga Parkway, Block Line Road and Grand River in the south. To the west, the riding begins at the Kitchener city limits and stretches to a portion of Chicopee in the east.

Kitchener's downtown core is in the centre of this riding.

After the 1999 redistribution, the new Kitchener Centre was formed out of the old Kitchener and Kitchener-Wilmot ridings.

Population: 107,540 (2006 census; a decrease of 1.2% since 2001)

Political history

Incumbent Liberal John Milloy announced in February 2014 that he wouldn't be running for re-election. Milloy was re-elected in 2011 after narrowly beating PC candidate Dave MacDonald by 323 votes.

Milloy beat PC candidate Matt Stanson by 10,777 votes in 2007. Milloy unseated Tory incumbent Wayne Wettlaufer in 2003.

In the old riding of Kitchener, Liberal Jim Breithaupt won five straight elections, serving from 1967 to 1981. Liberal David Cooke won in 1985 and 1987, but was defeated by NDP candidate Will Ferguson in 1990.

Ferguson served in Bob Rae's cabinet but left it in 1992 and later left the NDP caucus after being accused of misconduct at a girls' reform school two decades earlier. (The accusations were not sexual in nature.) Ferguson was later acquitted of all charges and returned the NDP caucus, but resigned from provincial politics in 1994 to make an unsuccessful bid to become Kitchener's mayor.

In the old riding of Kitchener-Wilmot, Liberal John Sweeney held the seat from 1975 to 1990. After serving in several cabinet posts, he did not run in 1990 election, which was won by NDP candidate Mike Cooper. Cooper was in turn defeated by PC candidate Gary Leadston in 1995.

Leadston lost his seat in 1996 when Mike Harris's Tories whittled down the total number of provincial ridings. He was forced to compete for the party nomination in Kitchener Centre, but lost to Wayne Wettlaufer, who went on to win the riding in 1999.


2011 Provincial Election Results



Total votes


LIB John Milloy 15,392 39.22
PC Dave MacDonald 15,069 38.40
NDP Cameron Dearlove 7,384 18.82
GRN Mark Vercouteren 938 2.39
LTN Patrick G. Bernier 241 0.61
IND Mark Corbiere 142 0.36
FP Bugra Atsiz 77 0.20




Unemployment Rate
Provincial 6.4%
National 6.6%
Provincial 13.56%
National 13.71%
Home Owners
Provincial 26.61%
National 26.92%
Avg Family Income
Provincial $90,526
National $82,325
Provincial 28%
National 20%
Post-Secondary Degree
Provincial 33.54%
National 33.35%

Source: Statistics Canada, 2006 Census



2014 Candidates

Conservative   Wayne Wettlaufer
Liberal   Daiene Vernile
NDP   Margaret Johnston
Green   Ronnie Smith
Libertarian    Patrick Bernier