Party Candidate Votes Status
252/252 polls Updated: Jun. 13, 2014 1:49 AM EDT
LIB Kathryn McGarry 18,763 Elected
PC Rob Leone 15,696
NDP Bobbi Stewart 10,406
GRN Temara Brown 2,739
LTN Allan R. Dettweiler 605

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Riding profile


This riding is located between London and Toronto and consists of both urban and rural areas, including the city of Cambridge and the township of North Dumfries.

This new riding was formed in 1999 by taking the old riding of Cambridge and combining it with nine per cent of Brant-Haldimand and six per cent of Kitchener-Wilmot.

In 2004, a northwest portion of the Cambridge riding was moved into the Kitchener-Conestoga riding.

Population: 136,0824 (2011 census; an increase of 5.1% since 2006)

Political history

Progressive Conservative Rob Leone won this riding in 2011, beating Liberal Kathryn McGarry by 2,023 votes.

PC Gerry Martiniuk, defeated Liberal Kathryn McGarry by 3,238 votes in 2007.

The riding has been in Tory hands since 1995, when Martiniuk unseated the NDP's Mike Farnan. Martiniuk also trounced his Liberal and NDP rivals in 1999, winning by a margin of more than 14,000 votes.

Martiniuk was re-elected in 2003, beating Liberal Jerry Boyle by 3,337 votes.

Prior to Matriniuk's election, Cambridge was held by Farnan, who was first elected in 1987 and then again in 1990.

2011 Provincial Election Results



Total votes


PC Rob Leone 15,941 37.75
LIB Kathryn McGarry 13,918 32.96
NDP Atinuke Bankole 10,414 24.66
GRN Jacques Malette 1,056 2.50
LTN Allan R. Dettweiler 630 1.49
IND Robert Ross 271 0.64



Unemployment Rate
Provincial 6.4%
National 6.6%
Provincial 13.56%
National 13.71%
Home Owners
Provincial 26.61%
National 26.92%
Avg Family Income
Provincial $90,526
Provincial 28%
National 20%
Post-Secondary Degree
Provincial 33.54%
National 33.35%

Source: Statistics Canada, 2006 Census


2014 Candidates

Conservative   Rob Leone
Liberal   Kathryn McGarry
NDP   Bobbi Stewart
Green   Temara Brown
Libertarian    Allan R. Dettweiler