Party Candidate Votes Status
265/265 polls Updated: Jun. 13, 2014 1:49 AM EDT
PC Bill Walker 20,423 Elected
LIB Ellen Anderson 11,559
NDP Karen Gventer 6,789
GRN Jenny Parsons 3,768
FP Jamie D. Spence 200
LTN Caleb Voskamp 188

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Riding profile


This large rural riding in southwest Ontario includes the Bruce Peninsula, which stretches north between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. It also contains parts of Bruce and Grey counties, the Saugeen #29 Reserve, the Cape Croker reserve and Fathom Five National Marine Park. The southern boundary is Highway 89, excluding the town of Minto.

The 1999 redistribution formed the new riding of Bruce-Grey by combining 45 per cent of the former Bruce riding and 80 per cent of Grey-Owen Sound.

The riding's name has been changed twice in recent years: to Bruce-Grey prior to the 1999 election, then to Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound in 2000.

Population: 106,475 (2011 census; an increase of 0.5% since 2006)

Political history

Bill Walker continued the Progressive Conservative  hold in the former riding of Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound in 2001 with a win over Liberal Kevin Eccles. Tory Bill Murdoch had broken 15 years of Liberal control with his 1990 victory and held on for two more wins.

In 2007, Murdoch beat out Shane Jolley — the Green party candidate who had the best showing in the province — by 6,117 votes, or 33.1% of the popular vote.

Liberal Murray Elston won the riding when it was known as Bruce-Grey in 1987. After serving in the cabinet of David Peterson, Elston was elected interim party leader in 1991, but lost a tight 1992 leadership race to Lyn McLeod. Elston remained as Opposition house leader until he resigned in 1994. The Conservatives took the seat in 1995.

2011 Provincial Election Results



Total votes


PC Bill Walker 19,510 47.28
LIB Kevin Eccles 10,882 26.37
NDP Paul Johnstone 6,124 14.84
GRN Don Marshall 2,653 6.43
IND Shane Jolley 1,508 3.65
FCP Joel Kidd 345 0.84
LTN Jay Miller 246 0.60



Unemployment Rate
Provincial 6.4%
National 6.6%
Provincial 13.56%
National 13.71%%
Home Owners
Provincial 26.61%
National 26.92%
Avg Family Income
Provincial $90,526
National $82,325
Provincial 28%
National 20%
Post-Secondary Degree
Provincial 33.54%
National 33.35%

Source: Statistics Canada, 2006 Census

2014 Candidates

Conservative   Bill Walker
Liberal   Ellen Anderson
NDP   Karen Gventer
Green   Jenny Parsons
Libertarian    Caleb Voskamp
Freedom Party of Ontario    Jamie D. Spence