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Current MLA:


Fred Schell



Tommy Akavak
Joannie Ikkidluak
Matthew Saveakjuk Jaw
David Joanasie
Fred Schell


Constituency profile:


Cape Dorset (pop. 1397) is the larger community in this constituency and is famous worldwide for its outstanding Inuit artists and printmakers. Known as the birthplace of modern Inuit carving and printmaking, the community still draws wealthy collectors from around the world, though the market for Inuit art has declined significantly in recent years.

As a “decentralized” hamlet, around 50 territorial jobs have arrived here since 1999. But the cash-flow from art and government has a dark side: substance abuse and violence are felt to be particularly severe here, despite multiple community efforts to find an outlet for its many young people.


Southeast of Cape Dorset is the second community in the constituency: Kimmirut (pop. 460). The tiny hamlet is one of Nunavut’s most picturesque. This community also profits from carving, as well as from tourism associated with nearby Katannilik Territorial Park, which surrounds the Soper River.




Voters here will have plenty to choose from, and with two candidates from Cape Dorset (Schell and Jaw), two from Kimmirut (Akavak and Ikkidluak), and one Iqaluit transplant originally from Cape Dorset (Joanasie)... anything could happen.

Cape Dorset businessman Fred Schell, won this seat in a by-election in 2008, held when no candidates put their names forward in the general election. Near the end of his term, he made headlines with his vehement opposition to the federal government’s Nutrition North Program. However, his tenure overall was a rocky one.


Schell was found to be in breach of ethics on two occasions. He was first accused of four ethics breaches between June 2009 and October 2010, but found guilty of only one: writing an email that "contained demands and threats" to a Nunavut Government official on behalf of his business, Polar Supplies. His colleagues in the legislature rejected the Ethics Commissioner’s report, saying the investigation went too far. However, they did censure Schell for sending the email and ordered him to pay a $1,000 fine. 


In spite of his problems, Schell was elected to cabinet in September of 2011 and appointed minister of Human Resources and the Nunavut Housing Corporation.


In March of 2012, Premier Eva Aariak unexpectedly stripped Schell of his portfolios. An ethics investigation soon followed and in October of that year, Schell was found to have breached the Integrity Act six times. The breaches related to conflict of interest or abuse of ministerial authority. He was also found to have lied under oath during the investigation.


At that point, Schell had been sitting as minister without portfolio for seven months, causing some consternation among his colleagues. On November 5, 2012, he resigned from cabinet before regular MLAs could vote to remove him.


2008 South Baffin by-election
Zeke Ejesiak   72 (14%)
Joannie Ikkidluak  116 (24%)
Adamie Nuna   118 (23%)
Fred Schell   203 (40%)
Turnout  56%

2008 South Baffin general election
(No candidates)


2004 South Baffin
Olayuk Akesuk   300 (59%)
Malicktoo Lyta   99 (19%)
Martha Lyta   110 (21%)

1999 South Baffin
Olayuk Akesuk   368 (53%)
Goo Arlooktoo   232 (34%)
Matthew Saveakjuk  92 (13%)
Turnout  91%

1995 Baffin South
Goo Arlooktoo   256 (33%)
Matthew Saveakjuk Jaw 162 (21%)
Peter Kattuk   128 (17%)
Walter Audla   98 (13%)
Kenoayoak Pudlat  74 (10%)
Akalayok Qavavau  50 (7%)
Turnout  78%

1991 Baffin South
Kenoayoak Pudlat  119 (19%)
Joe Arlooktoo   100 (16%)
Padluq Melia   96 (15%)
Turnout  72%