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MLA before election:

Hezakiah Oshutapik




Harry J. Dialla
Johnny Mike
Hezakiah Oshutapik
Sakiasie Sowdluapik


Constituency profile:


Perched on the slopes of a dramatic Fiord, Pangnirtung (pop. 1510) is one of Nunavut’s most spectacular communities. Tourists come from around the world to hike in nearby Auyuittuq National Park, visit the abandoned whaling station at Kekerten, and buy the community’s famous prints and tapestries.

More than 60 Nunavut government jobs have been relocated here. The community is also home to a commercial fish processing plant, which packages Arctic char and turbot from both offshore and inshore fisheries. In winter, local fishers catch turbot through the ice in Cumberland Sound.


An election issue here will almost certainly be the need for a new airstrip. The current one was built right in the middle of town and is too short. The government has promised to do something, but a site has yet to be found and the $40 million needed for construction has yet to materialize. 


Political history:


The incumbent, Hezakiah Oshutapik, won this seat in a by-election held in the fall of 2011, but at 50%, turnout was unusually low. One of his challengers, Johnny Mike, lost that by-election by just 50 votes but is back again to vie for the seat. 


The 2011 by-election was held to replace Adamee Komoartok. He won the race by a large margin in 2008, but his troubles soon began.


In November of 2010, Komoartok was censured by the legislature after admitting to drunk, inappropriate behavior at the medical boarding home in Ottawa. The following March, Iqaluit police charged him with assault causing bodily harm. MLAs voted unanimously to suspend him from the legislature. The following week, he used the local community radio in Pangnirtung to apologize to his constituents and resign. The charge was later dropped.


2011 Pangnirtung By-election
Johnny Mike   152  43%
Hezekiah Oshutapik  202 56%
Turnout  50%

2008 Pangnirtung
Looee Arreak   147 (37%)
Adamee Komoartok  245 (62%)
Turnout  62%


2004 Pangnirtung
Simeonie Keenainak  188 (38%)
Peter Kilabuk   305 (62%)
Turnout   74%


1999 Pangnirtung
Peter Kilabuk   171 (31%)
Simeonie Keenainak  119 (21%)
Meeka Kilabuk   83 (15%)
Sakiasie Sowdlooapik  80 (14%)
Thomasie Alikatuktuk  53 (10%)
Jaypetee Qappik  50 (9%)
Turnout  81%


1995 Baffin Central
Tommy Enuaraq  294 (30%)|
Lootie Toomasie  186 (19%)
Sakiasie Sowdlooapik  152 (16%)
Jaypeetee Akpalialuk  105 (11%)
Jaypeetee Karpik  89 (9%)
Pauloosie Paniloo  73 (8%)
Rebecca Mike   60 (6%)
Charlie Kalluk   11 (1%)
Turnout  76%

1991 Baffin Central
Rebecca Mike   197 (26%)
Pauloosie Paniloo  110 (15%)
Ipeelee Kilabuk  103 (14%)
Turnout  71%