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  • EnergyImport hydroelectric power from the Muskrat Falls dam in Labrador to give the province a new source of renewable energy.

  • EnergyBreak the monopoly held by Nova Scotia’s privately owned utility, Nova Scotia Power. Change the rules to make it easier for renewable energy suppliers to compete.

  • EnergyImpose a five-year freeze on electricity rates.

  • EnergyFocus on conservation and energy efficiency by focusing more on managing demand and the development of renewable, alternative sources.

  Health Care

  • Health CareOpen clinics managed by nurse practitioners and add five more Collaborative Emergency Centres that are staffed by a paramedic and a nurse overnight.

  • Health CareCut the number of district health authorities from 10 to two: one provincial board with four management zones and one for the IWK Health Centre. Savings used to reduce wait times for hip and knee replacements, add 100 family doctors over four years and buy insulin pumps for children.

  • Health CareCut the number of district health authorities from 10 to three: one for Halifax, one for the rest of Nova Scotia and one for the IWK Health Centre. Implement five-year funding greement with the health authorities based on shorter wait times and a province-wide electronic health record system.


  • TransportationIncrease funding for public transit to the Canadian per capita average and invest in rebuilding rail system for cross-province travel and movement of goods.

  • TransportationInvest in public transit and community-based transit outside the capital region.

  • TransportationExpand public transit in Halifax by negotiating with Halifax Regional Municipality to create a regional transportation authority that would merge Halifax Harbour Bridges, Metro Transit and similarly aligned agencies under one roof.


  • ImmigrationNegotiate with the federal government to increase the nominee quota to try to increase the province’s population to one million people by the mid-2020s.

  • ImmigrationExpand provincial nominee program to include entrepreneur stream to try to create business opportunities.

  • ImmigrationBuild a case with the federal government to permanently increase the cap for new Canadians to the province under the provincial nominee program, with a goal to increase the population of Nova Scotia to one million by 2025.


  • EducationReview the consolidation and closure of rural schools.

  • EducationCut the number of school boards to four: one for Halifax, one for the rest of mainland Nova Scotia, one for Cape Breton and the Conseil scolaire provincial. Provide new boards with clear mandates to set goals, deliver programs and invest administrative savings back into classrooms.

  • EducationIntroduce a law to cap all elementary class sizes at 25 students.

  • EducationLimit Grade Primary to Grade 2 classes to 20 students, with a maximum of 25 students for Grades 3 to 6.

  • EducationCap of 25 students from Grade Primary to Grade 6 by 2016.

  • EducationEliminate the interest on the provincial portion of loans for post-secondary students.

  • EducationReview effects of student debt on long-term financial security of graduates and look into a system of student loans for which parental annual income is not a criteria.

  • EducationProvide stable funding to universities and the Nova Scotia Community College through a five-year agreement with post-secondary institutions.

  Harmonized Sales Tax

  • Harmonized Sales TaxReduce the harmonized sales tax by one per cent next year and another one per cent in 2015 to get it down to 13 per cent.

  • Harmonized Sales TaxNo cut to the HST until there is a balanced budget with enough of a surplus to pay for the tax cut.

  • Harmonized Sales TaxTake the HST off family essentials such as children's car seats and strollers..

  • Harmonized Sales TaxTax credit of up to $200 per year on school supply expenses currently covered by parents and teachers and reduce the HST to 13 per cent.

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