Leading & Elected Summary

  • LIB: 33
  • PC: 11
  • NDP: 7
  • GRN: 0
  • OTH: 0
Elected & Leading results last published: Oct. 9, 2013, 12:03 AM EDT 51 Seats Total

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Stephen McNeil leads Liberals to majority in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotians have given Stephen McNeil and the Liberals a decisive victory with a majority government, turfing Atlantic Canada's first NDP government and tossing Premier Darrell Dexter out of his own seat in Cole Harbour-Portland Valley. Oct 09 video

Premier-designate Stephen McNeil names chief of staff

Premier-designate Stephen McNeil has appointed Kirby McVicar as the chief of staff to the office of the premier. Oct 14

internet memes Redditors love tall premier-designate Stephen McNeil

It's been a big week for Nova Scotia Liberal leader (and very tall man) Stephen McNeil; not only was he chosen to be Canada's newest premier after winning a decisive victory in his home province, he's become an inadverdent internet meme. Oct 11

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