exclusive Government-appointed tribunal chair says NDP inappropriately solicited support

The chair of an arm’s-length government tribunal says the NDP inappropriately solicited him for donations, effectively undermining his role and pressuring him to support the governing party. Feb 18

cbc investigates Weight-loss surgeon with licence revoked in Ontario for sex with patients recruiting in Alberta

A weight-loss surgeon whose Ontario medical licence was revoked for sexually abusing four female patients has been recruiting new patients from Fort McMurray to his institute in Mexico. Jan 21

exclusive Partner believed winning Alberta tobacco-litigation team would have political advantage, email suggests

Six months before Alberta launched its “independent” process to select outside legal counsel for a multibillion-dollar lawsuit against the tobacco industry, a partner in the legal consortium eventually chosen believed it was in the “forefront” for the potentially lucrative legal claim. Dec 10 video

Watch Partner in International Tobacco Recovery Lawyers consortium believed it had inside track 1:49

Dr. Anny Sauvageau drops defamation lawsuit against former justice minister Jonathan Denis

The province’s former chief medical examiner has discontinued a defamation lawsuit she filed against former justice minister Jonathan Denis. Dec 03

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