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Posted: Jan 23, 2014

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‘Alaska is a big basketball state…’

Rogine Olayvar, Team NWT

Arctic Winter Games 2014 has officially begun!

Teams from all over the circumpolar north came together, with their flashy team gear, for the opening ceremonies (Saturday, March 16). A few Alaska State Troopers make their way to the ceremony, meanwhile Team NWT rushed to take pictures with them with excitement.  

The opening ceremonies consisted of a speech from a senator from Alaska and various AWG International Committee members, followed by performances from the North Pole high school choir singing each national anthem, as well as a local band and dance group.

Individuals are going crazy with pin trading, wanting every set from each country/territory. My basketball team in general is in the process of making Alaskan friends in order to make a deal with trading jackets by closing ceremonies.

Basketball games are being held at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and boy is it intense. American announcers and their amazing slang accent, water being brought to you, basically the feeling of playing for an American University. Alaska is a big basketball state, meaning that Americans are easily filling up bleachers to get the taste of FIBA ruled basketball. We are facing pretty even competition throughout our round robin with our fellow territories, as Alaska has put together an athletic, diverse and tall team. As a team, we must put our first game aside and focus on our next day, taking it one day at a time.

Aside from sports, Fairbanks is an interesting city. Very spread out, schools that are fairly old and outdated, however they seem to have been properly maintained throughout the years. In general, all the buildings and stores are old, making them seem a little sketchy to go inside. The shuttle buses are great, although there is an odd time where it takes 30-40 minutes to reach your destination, they have provided us with comfortable travel buses that are available every 15 minutes.

As far as the food goes, for feeding at least 2,000 people, I'd say they have done an adequate job with creating variety each day. Although, many can agree that the cafeteria food does make you feel sick and uncomfortable afterwards. The only con to the cafeteria would be their set up, as well as the lack of other condiments and lack of variety on fruits and veggies. Other than that, can't complain about free food!
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