go public Dentist check-up bills of $901 leaves Alberta newcomer feeling 'ripped off'

Customers complain that the lack of a fee guide means Albertans are paying far more than other provinces for dental care. Jul 02 video

go public Supplier of credit-debit terminals gouging small businesses, owners claim

Canadian small business owners looking to save money on credit and debit card transactions say the company they signed with ripped them off, in some cases for thousands of dollars. Jun 23 video

Watch Credit-debit terminal supplier in dispute with customers 1:45

go public Vehicle buyers urged to be careful when dealers ask for deposits

An Edmonton woman says getting her $2,500 deposit back from a car dealer when the vehicle they wanted wasn't immediately available was 'exhausting.' But a spokesman for the dealership calls the incident a 'miscommunication.' Jun 16 video

Watch Beware the dreaded car dealer deposit: One family's story 1:59

go public Pension contributions of $54K denied worker, 77, because he's too old

As more Canadians work well into what was once considered their golden years, some could lose thousands in pension benefits every year, simply because of their age. 'I don't think it's fair,' Fred Hillier, 77, a residential work camp attendant in Alberta, tells CBC's Go Public. Jun 09 video

Watch Senior legally robbed of pension 1:31

Mark Harvey has been a journalist in Alberta and B.C. for more than 20 years, working as a reporter, interviewer and radio producer.

Some of Mark's recent stories:

  • When "Water Testing Kits" were left in Edmonton mailboxes, we interviewed the man behind the program: a water-softener salesman with no credentials to test for water safety.
  • Needle clean-up in an inner-city park. City officials told concerned residents that their park was clean—but our pictures showed otherwise: dozens of contaminated needles and other filth, right after a supposed clean-up. If you find a dirty needle, the city tells you to call 311, but staff could offer no help. The park was cleaned and 311 staff trained after our stories aired.
  • A company with a questionable past offered residents "waterline insurance", using the EPCOR logo and a letter from EPCOR's vice-president. City-owned EPCOR wouldn't reveal what it was paid to sell the logo, but we got a refund for the Edmonton senior who'd fought for ten months to get her money back.
  • Alberta Transportation placed signs for Jasper, Fort McMurray and other locations on Anthony Henday Drive after we aired a story about an obscure government policy prohibiting too many destination signs.

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