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Posted: September 23, 2013

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Ward 11

Southeast Edmonton's Ward 11 is bordered by several major roads — Whyte Avenue to the north, Gateway Boulevard to the west, 50th Street to the east, with a chunk of industrial land east of 50th Street and north of Whitemud Drive. Its main residential composition, south of Whitemud Drive and a band of industrial estates, is Mill Woods, a collection of two-dozen neighbourhoods surrounded by industrial estates.

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  • Sonia Bitar Sonia Bitar
    Age: 64
    Occupation: former citizenship judge for northern Alberta
    Married, three children

  • Roberto Maglalang Roberto Maglalang

    Age: 59
    Occupation: corporate services manager
    Married, four children

  • Mujahid Chak Mujahid Chak
    Age: 69
    Occupation: retired accountant
    Married, four children

  • Mike Nickel Mike Nickel
    Age: 48
    Occupation: businessman
    Married, two children

  • Harvey Panesar Harvey Panesar
    Age: 37
    Occupation: business owner
    Married, three children

  • Brent Schaffrick Brent Schaffrick
    Age: 41
    Occupation: oil field consultant
    Not married, no children

  • Rob Aromin Rob Aromin

    Age: 44
    Occupation: labourer, landscaping

  • Dennis Gane Dennis Gane

    Age: 58
    Occupation: business development manager, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
    Partner, four children, four grandchildren, one great grandson. 

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Ward 12

Ward 12 makes up the extreme southeast corner of the city, south of Whitemud Drive and west of 50th Street. It comprises the eight eastside neighbourhoods of Mill Woods, plus the new developments of Silver Berry, Wild Rose to the east and south of the Anthony Henday ring road, including Charlesworth, Summerside and others. This is a ward of very young people -- one-quarter are under 20 years old, while one in eight is under 10, the highest proportion in the city. It is also diverse, with more than one in ten a non-Canadian, the second highest proportion in Edmonton.

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  • Amarjeet Sohi Amarjeet Sohi
    Age: 48
    Occupation: City Councillor
    Married, one child

  • Raja Abbas Raja Abbas

    CBC has not been able to schedule an interview with this candidate.

  • Chinwe Okelu Chinwe Okelu

    Age: not disclosed
    Occupation: mediator
    Married, two sons

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Ward 9

Ward 9 is a triangular shaped area comprising the extreme southwest of the city, bordered by natural features: the North Saskatchewan River to the west and north and the Whitemud and Blackmud Creek Ravines to the east. To the south is the Anthony Henday ring road, which has a several newer developments to the south on old farmland, including one of Edmonton's newest neighbourhoods, the Chappelle area. Ward 9 contains several of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Edmonton, such as Bulyea Heights and Henderson Estates, and has the highest average neighbourhood income level of any ward. A mere one percent is unemployed, the lowest in the city.

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Ward 10

Ward 10 spans neighbourhoods to the west of Gateway Boulevard, with the Whitemud and Blackmud Creek Ravines forming the eastern border and just above the Anthony Henday ring road to the south. It is the area served best by the LRT, with one in five using transit as their main form of transportation -- the highest in the city. Travelling south on the LRT line, one passes plenty of variety: from the post-war neighbourhoods of Parkallen and Allendale, popular with young families wanting proximity to Whyte Avenue; past rental-heavy, ethnically diverse Empire Park; into higher-income Greenfield and Steinhauer, before settling in Blue Quill, an area increasingly popular with new Canadians and, since the LRT was expanded to Century Park, students.

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  • Hafis Devji Hafis Devji

    Age: 40
    Occupation: businessman
    Married, one child

  • Richard Feehan Richard Feehan
    Age: 53
    Occupation: instructor in social work, Edmonton division, University of Calgary
    married, three children

  • Dan Johnstone Dan Johnstone
    Age: 26
    Occupation: construction site superintendent
    Not married, no kids

  • Michael Walters Michael Walters
    Age: 42 years old
    Occupation: owner of a public policy and public engagement firm
    Married, two kids

  • Ray Bessel Ray Bessel

    Age: 62
    Occupation: department manager, Walmart
    One daughter, one grandchild.

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Ward 8

Ward 8 lies directly across the South Saskatchewan River from downtown, spanning from the southern arch of the river to the west, to the city limits in the east, with 72nd Avenue and Whyte (82) Avenue to the south. It is a densely populated ward that contains the University of Alberta, a campus of nearly 60,000 people (40,000 students and 19,000 staff/instructors), which means that much of the population is transient, and just over half its accommodations are rental. Unsurprisingly, Ward 8 has the highest proportion of its population in its 20s -- close to one-fifth. This large, young student base means appealing to this demographic is key to a councillor's success in this area.

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  • Ben Henderson Ben Henderson
    Age: 55
    Occupation: city councillor
    Married, no children

  • Nicholas Reading Nicholas Reading

    No profile is planned, as this candidate has told CBC Edmonton that his campaign is a publicity stunt

  • Kris Szczepanski Kris Szczepanski

    CBC has not been able to schedule an interview with this candidate.

  • Heather Workman Heather Workman

    Age: 43
    Occupation: skin illustrator

  • Brian A. Deacon Brian A. Deacon

    Age: 30
    Occupation: retail, works in a book store

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Ward 7

Ward 7 is an L-shaped boundary situated just to the northeast of downtown Edmonton. It lies east of 97th Street and is bordered on the south by the winding North Saskatchewan River. On the west side of the ward, the northern boundary is 144th Street. On the eastern portion, Yellowhead Trail is the boundary to the north. It is made up of several mature and low-income neighbourhoods, including Alberta Avenue, Cromdale and, further east, Abbottsfield, one of several areas that were part of the old coal mining town of Beverly, amalgamated with Edmonton in 1961. Ward 7 has the highest proportion of seniors of any ward.

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Ward 5

Ward 5 is tucked into the west end of the city, north of the river and south of Whitemud Drive and 87th Avenue. Income levels are high, with the average for nearly half its 22 neighbourhoods at $100,000 or more. It is the second-wealthiest ward in terms of average neighbourhood incomes. Recent tension in this ward has a lot to do with the proximity of the Anthony Henday ring road. After the province scrapped an exit into the Ormbsy Place neighbourhood, drivers have been cutting through that neighbourhood to get to the next exit, leading to outrage over increased traffic. In the Wedgewood and Cameron Heights neighbourhoods, noise from the Henday frustrates residents.

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Ward 6

Ward 6 spans 7.5 km east to west through downtown and encompasses some of the most diversity of any Edmonton ward. Average household income, for instance, swings from $32,773 in Central McDougall to $142,560 in Glenora. The ward contains the third highest ratio of non-Canadian citizens in the city. Overall, this is a ward of young people and transient people. Its proportion of people aged 25 to 29 is the highest in the city -- almost 10 percent, while it has the highest proportion of rented properties.

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  • Taz Bouchier Taz Bouchier

    Age: 56
    Occupation: small business owner, trained as a social worker
    widow, three children.

  • Kyle Brown Kyle Brown
    Age: 29
    Occupation: city of Edmonton employee

  • Derrick Forsythe Derrick Forsythe
    Age: 49
    Occupation: information officer with Alberta government, part time serving officer in Canada’s Primary Reserve Army.
    married, one child

  • Bryan Kapitza Bryan Kapitza
    Age: 50
    Occupation: business owner, ethical and government consultant
    Divorced, used to be a foster parent.

  • Heather MacKenzie Heather MacKenzie
    Age: 32
    Occupation: current trustee on Edmonton public school board, mother
    Married, two daughters

  • Scott McKeen Scott McKeen
    Age: 54
    Occupation: communications consultant, former journalist
    Single, three children

  • Dexx Williams Dexx Williams
    Age: 29
    Occupation: police officer

  • Alfie White Alfie White

    Age: 61
    Occupation: retired, former auto body repairman
    Single, 16 year old son.

  • Candas Jane Dorsey Candas Jane Dorsey
    Age: 60
    Occupation: freelance writer/editor, communications consultant

  • Melinda Hollis Melinda Hollis
    Age: 56
    Occupation: psychotherapist, runs a holistic counselling centre
    Married, one daughter

  • Javed Sommers Javed Sommers

    Age: 27
    Occupation: auditor with the Federal government
    Not married

  • Erin Northey Erin Northey

    Age: 27
    Occupation: student, tutors students with special needs

  • Terry Parada Terry Parada

    Age: 55
    Occupation:fire protection and security communications
    Single, one son

  • Adil Pirbhai Adil Pirbhai

    Age: 56
    Occupation: accountant
    Divorced, one son

  • Carla Frost Carla Frost

    Age: Age no disclosed
    Occupation: general contractor, landscaping.
    Not married

  • Andrzej Gudanowski Andrzej Gudanowski

    Age: 58
    Occupation: chef
    Married, three kids, another due in November.

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Ward 4

The majority of the land mass of northeast Edmonton's Ward 4 is farmland, bordered to the south by the Anthony Henday ring road, Highway 37 to the north, the military base to the west, and the North Saskatchewan River to the east. Despite its rural composition, Ward 4 is in the top four of Edmonton wards in terms of population size, with almost 71,000 people living in neighbourhoods clustered around Clareview and Belvedere LRT stations. The ward has a population that is relatively young, with the second-smallest proportion of people 65 years old and over.

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Ward 3

Ward 3 represents the northernmost edge of the city, spanning approximately three kilometres to the east and west of 97th Street. The ward contains the highest ratio of baby-boomer homeowners in the city. It is a stable population, with 54 per cent having lived in their home for five years or more -- the highest proportion in the city by far. Its neighbourhoods are aging, with roads and sidewalks in need of upgrades. Present councillor Dave Loken says only one neighbourhood -- Kilkenny -- is targeted for full renewal of sidewalks and roads, but not until 2017.

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Ward 2

Northwest Ward 2 contains some of the biggest development projects in the city: the City Centre Airport's planned closure and transformation into a new neighbourhood, and expansion of the LRT to NAIT and beyond. During the last election campaign in 2010, the future of the City Centre Airport lands became a divisive issue, with a large but unsuccessful petition submitted to city council to force a plebiscite on keeping it open. Ward 2 contains several major roads -- Yellowhead Trail, St. Albert Trail and the Anthony Henday ring road -- and half the declared six candidates have identified potholes and road improvements as a major issue.

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  • Bev Esslinger Bev Esslinger
    Age: 55
    Occupation: executive director of SHAPE, a walk to school program
    Married, 2 children

  • Nita Jalkanen Nita Jalkanen
    Age: 47
    Occupation: special marketing projects for an Alberta bank
    Single, no children

  • Jason Millar Jason Millar
    Age: 39
    Occupation: manager for a trucking company maintenance facility
    Married, two children

  • Shelley Tupper Shelley Tupper
    Age: 53
    Occupation: appeals officer with Canada Revenue Agency
    Single, no children

  • Ted Grand Ted Grand
    age:  55
    occupation: Purchasing agent
    Married, two adult children

  • Mustafa Ali Mustafa Ali

    Age: 23
    Occupation: human resources policy developer for a social services organization
    Single, no children

  • Don Koziak Don Koziak

    Occupation: General Manager, Chateau Louis Hotel
    Married, six children

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Ward 1

Ward 1 encompasses the west end of the city, north of Whitemud Drive and 87th Avenue and west of 149th Street and 156th Street. More than half the ward's land space is industrial, although its population size is comparable to other wards. Average incomes vary widely among Ward 1 neighbourhoods, although not as varied as downtown's Ward 6. People tend to be older in Ward 1, with the highest proportion of the population in its 50s.

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