As Edmonton’s weather warms up, thoughts of winter’s retreat and melting snow creep in. But so comes a harsh reality: spring cleaning is just around the corner! To get you in the spirit, today, CBC Edmonton and Edmonton AM presents this interactive series, Clear the Clutter.

We’re not just talking the talk, we’re walking the walk. We have accepted the challenge to get our act together, at home and work, and hopefully inspire you along the way. Each week, we’ll tackle a new area of chronic disorganization in the home or office. Joining us on this journey is Edmonton professional organizer, Kristie Demke.

Congratulations to Kate Werkman!!

Local author ​Kate Werkman is the grand-prize winner of the full desk makeover, or whatever our organizer Kristie Demke can do in three hours. Kate is writing a book, which is due at the end of the year. Her efforts have produced a mound of research, papers, photos, films and books, but it’s spilling all over her home. “It’s going to be a great help, actually,” an elated Kate told Edmonton AM’s Mark Connolly upon hearing the news. “It’s going to be like having a research assistant for three hours, which is really good.” 

BUT WAIT! Every contest entrant is a winner, because Kristie Demke has offered them a free telephone consultation. If you entered our contest, watch your inbox for information on how to claim your expected prize. Thanks, Kristie!


Before - Kate Werkman


Posted: Jan 23, 2014

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Week 1: James Evans’ desk

James Evans is the producer for Edmonton AM and is responsible for putting together more than 40 hours of content per week. Unsurprisingly, a lot of ideas come across his desk — and usually stay there. Mounds of paper crowd his space and teeter over precious pictures of his family and inspiring paraphernalia. Under his desk, a veritable “squirrel’s nest” of contest giveaways and even a forgotten Jack-o-Lantern.

Our organizer, Kristie Demke, helped James get hold of the incoming-outcoming paper flow, clearing space on desk and in his mind for big ideas!

Listen to the process:

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Watch the transformation:



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About Kristie Demke

Kristie Demke fondly recalls a turning point in her life — the day she found out that being organized was an actual profession. Since that discovery in 1998, she has been working full-time as a professional organizer for individuals, small and home-based businesses, corporations, professional services firms, institutional clients, all levels of government — and even Oprah!

Kristie is a founding member of Professional Organizers in Canada, and served on its national board from 2007 to 2013, including a term as president. In 2011 she received the Founders' Award in recognition of her contribution to the industry and POC. She has appeared in various newspaper and magazine articles, as well as on radio and TV.