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CBC Edmonton


Street Address:
123 Edmonton City Centre
10062-102 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2Y8

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CBC Edmonton Newsroom:
TEL: (780) 468-2300

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 555
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2P4


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Got a question about the CBC?

We've answered the most common queries in our list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, please use our Contact Form.

Due to the large volume of messages received, we will not be able to respond to all messages.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I contact the local news departments with a news tip?

If you've got a news tip, phone CBC News Edmonton at (780) 468-2300 or email newsedmonton@cbc.ca


2. How do I suggest an idea or pose a question to a local show?

Send an e-mail to the appropriate program:

Edmonton AM
Radio Active
Daybreak Alberta
Key of A

For additional shows, go to the Programs page, and follow the link to the show's contact page on left-hand side.


3. How do I suggest an idea or pose a question to a national show?

Go to Programs A-Z, look for the listing for that show, then follow the link to the website for that show. Look for the "Contact Us" section of the site.


4. How can I find out the name of the song I just heard on CBC Radio?

This information can be found on the CBC.ca FAQs page.


5. Can I get transcripts and/or tapes of programs?

CBC Radio
Taped transcripts of Edmonton CBC Radio programs Edmonton A.M. and Radio Active are available through Cision at $130.00 for up to one half hour and are only available for non-commercial use.

To order:
Phone: (780) 450-2222 or 1-800-773-9817
E-mail: sales.ca@cision.com 
Web Site: http://ca.cision.com/

If an item aired more than 60 days ago, contact Lee Onisko at (780) 468-7465 or email oniskol@cbc.ca. 

Dubs are only available for personal use. No public display, internet use or classroom use is permitted. 

CBC Television
For copies of any stories aired on CBC News: Edmonton at 5:00, 5:30 and 6:00 pm that are over 60 days old please contact CBC media librarian Lee Onisko at 780-468-7465 or email Lee.Onisko@cbc.ca

Tape requests for all news, current affairs and Newsworld programming that aired within the last 60 days
should go through Cision.

When contacting Cision with a tape or transcript request, be sure to have the name of the program, the date, time and subject.

The cost for up to a ½ hour segment is $130 including GST. shipping and handling. Delivery turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks.

Costs for transcripts of television or radio programs vary. Turnaround time is 2 weeks.

Edmonton 780-450-2222 or 1-800-773-9817 
E-mail: sales.ca@cision.com 
Web Site: http://ca.cision.com/ 
Videos are only available for personal use, no public display is permitted. If you are inquiring for videos to be shown publicly or for educational purposes please contact: 
Diane Sweet
Sr Media Librarian, CBC Edmonton
email: diane.sweet@cbc.ca


6. How do I find out about jobs at the CBC?

Click on Jobs at the bottom of any page on the CBC.ca site.


7. How do I contact someone at the CBC?

Check the "Contact" information on the right side of this page, or use the Contact Form.


8. How do I contact the CBC about something I saw on CBC.ca?

Use the Contact Form.

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News Online

Email: webedmonton@cbc.ca

TEL: (780) 468-7403

Communications Manager 

Email: Jessica Chan

TEL: (780) 468-7433


CBC Media Solutions

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Broadcast Sales

Email: Tom Shipman

TEL: (780) 468-2344

News Director

Email: Gary Cunliffe

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Executive Producer, All Platforms

Email: Ashley Geddes

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