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Food with Jonathan Pinto

Food with Jonathan Pinto - Back to School Lunches

Pulling your hair out over what to make your kid for lunch? Jonathan Pinto brought in a professional. We spoke to Daniele Palanca, Executive Chef at the Ambassador Golf Club - and father of two children. (Runs 9:58)

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These are the peppers Chef Palanca brought in:
And here's an similar, even easier recipe from the Chef:

Looking for Jonathan Pinto's Food Adventures?

Over the last few weeks, we've been playing some of our favourite food discoveries that he's brought to our attention since January. Jonathan will be back with new adventures in September - in the meantime, you can find all his previous segments on this page.

Do you have a food, restaurant or dish that you think Jonathan should explore this fall? Call Talkback: 519-255-3400, email us at or tweet him @jonathan_pinto.

Food with Jonathan Pinto - Gelato

What's cold, creamy, naturally flavoured - AND has less fat than ice cream? Gelato! This week, Jonathan visited the Gennaro Cafe and Gelateria at 1271 Erie St E in Windsor. (Runs 6:57)

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Meet Enzo Palumbo. He makes gelato for the Gennaro Cafe on Erie Street.enzo.jpg

This is the pistachio paste used in the gelato, imported from Italy.

Strawberry gelato being mixed and heated before it gets frozen. Yum!

Enzo is working his way up to 24 flavours, up from the 12 they used to offer.

To follow Jonathan's culinary adventures - or give him a suggestion! - you can find him on Twitter @jonathan_pinto.