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October 2012 Archives

Learning Arabic

The Arabic-speaking community is one of the fastest growing groups in Canada - and particularly in Windsor. We spoke to Remy Boulbol, the Executive Director of the Rose City Islamic Centre where an increasing number of people are learning to speak Arabic. (Runs 5:32)


Social Workers at 920 Ouellette

A troubled downtown apartment building is getting help from University of Windsor social workers. We spoke to Cheryl Taggart from the School of Social Work at the University of Windsor. (Runs 6:25)


Funding for Special Needs Children Cut

Parents of children with special needs currently get financial help from the government, but it appears some of them might be cut off. We spoke to Michelle Friesen of the Windsor Essex Family Network. (Runs 5:50)


Crime Stoppers on CBC Windsor

We spoke to Windsor Police Detective Tim Murphy of the Windsor & Essex County Crime Stoppers program. If you have a tip for Crime Stoppers, call (519) 258-8477 or visit


920 Ouellette

A city-owned apartment building plagued by drug dealers and prostitutes caused Mayor Eddie Francis to call for a cleanup earlier this summer. We heard an update from Cathy Nantais, who sits on the building's security and safety committee. (Runs 5:08)


Windsor Mosque Open House

When you hear the word "Islam," what's the first thing that comes to mind? That question was posed to those attending an open house at a Windsor Mosque yesterday. We spoke to Abdelkader Tayebi, director of outreach at the Windsor Mosque. (Runs 5:17)


Attracting Diverse Police Recruits

Windsor Police are going after young people - but it's not as bad as it sounds. CBC Windsor's Allison Johnson told us about a new program they're hoping will attract a more diverse group of police recruits. (Runs 5:43)


Skate Canada Flower Retriever

Starting today and continuing through the weekend, Skate Canada International is coming to the WFCU Centre. Eleven year old Maia Iannetta is going to be a flower retriever this weekend. She spoke to us in studio along with her mom, Karen. (Runs 7:01)


Bedbugs at the Windsor Public Library

There's something creeping through Windsor's public library and it's not book worms - it's bed bugs. We spoke to the library's acting CEO, Chris Woodrow. (Runs 4:59)


Sandra Pupatello For Premier?

Today, as Dwight Duncan is expected to announce that he will not be running for the Ontario Liberal leadership, another Windsor name is coming to the forefront. We spoke to former Windsor MPP Sandra Pupatello. (Runs 6:56)


Beyond The Badge: Who's Policing The Police?

Our special series "Beyond the Badge" culminates tonight with a town hall event at the Capitol Theatre in downtown Windsor. To get us set, we spoke to CBC Windsor's Allison Johnson about police accountability. (Runs 8:17)


Bringing Food Processors to Windsor-Essex

Food is big business in this area. This week, a local official is in France, hoping to bring processing plants here. We spoke to Wendy Stark of the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation. (Runs 5:42)


Crime Stoppers on CBC Windsor

We spoke to OPP Constable Ryan Burney of the Windsor & Essex County Crime Stoppers program. If you have a tip for Crime Stoppers, call (519) 258-8477 or visit


Beyond The Badge: Justice Rawlins

Leading up to our town hall Wednesday, we've been looking at various aspects of policing. We spoke to Justice Micheline Rawlins, a panelist tomorrow, about the role of police in the justice system. (Runs 6:59)


Beyond The Badge: Police Civility

Leading up to our town hall tomorrow, we've been looking at various aspects of policing. Today, we spoke to CBC Windsor's Allison Johnson about police behaviour in the public. (Runs 7:13)


Bridge Facts

There's an ad campaign about the vote to approve the new international bridge that contradicts what Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is saying. We spoke to Bill Anderson, the director of the University of Windsor's Cross-Border Transportation Centre about the facts. (Runs 6:50)


New Windsor Med School Director - One Year Later

A little more than a year ago, Dr. Gerry Cooper returned to Windsor to lead the medical school at the University. We spoke to him about his first year on the job. (Runs 5:14)


Beyond The Badge: Police Body Cameras

CBC Windsor is hosting a public town hall this Wednesday on policing. Some police services have improved their accountability through the use of video cameras. We spoke to Superintendent Ed Keller of the Edmonton Police about their use of body cameras. (Runs 7:01)


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Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick

We spoke to Windsor police chief Al Frederick about the recent officer suspensions and CBC's upcoming town hall called "Beyond the Badge." (Runs 8:58)


ADHD Awareness Day

We spoke to Jonathan Sinisac, an engineer at the University of Windsor who has ADHD, and Dr. Sharon Burey, a behavioural pediatrician with the ADHD Awareness Committee of Windsor Essex. (Runs 8:24)


Chihuahua Designated Dangerous Dog

We spoke to Mitzie Scott, the owner of a Windsor chihuahua that has been designated a dangerous dog after biting a mail carrier. (Runs: 5:26)


Mental Health Series Part 4

CBC Windsor's Allison Johnson told us about a proposed solution that could seal up some of the gaps in mental health care. (Runs 7:23)


LGBT Seniors

A play at the Capitol Theatre is exploring the challenges of being an older member of the LGBT community.
Listen audio (runs 8:19)

Mental Health Series Part 3

What can happen to those people who fall through the cracks and end up in the hands of the police and sometimes the courts? We talked to Laura Joy, a criminal lawyer who represented a mentally ill man on murder charges.

Listen audio (runs 7:59)

Dalton McGuinty resignation reaction

Chatham-Kent-Essex MPP Rick Nicholls and Essex MPP Taras Natyshak share their reaction to Premier McGuinty's surprise resognation.

Listen audio (runs 8:42)

Mental health series part 2

"Who's responsibility is Mental health?"
Treatment for children under 18 is funded by the provincial ministry of Children and Youth services.
Treatment for adults comes from the Ministry of health.

Listen audio (runs 6:40)

New home for Street help - 7

Street Help 7 also has a new, bigger, home that our next guest says will keep homeless people healthier. Christine Wilson is the administrator of Street Help 7.

Listen audio (runs 7:05)

Mental health series part 1

Parents dealing with children with mental health issues.

Listen audio (runs 8:58)

Black Coalition leader on new Police Chief

When the leader of Windsor's Black Coalition first met Al Frederick, it wasn't love at first sight. But how does he feel about the new Chief now?

Listen audio (runs 5:59)

Are food supplies drying up in Windsor?

The Price Chopper on Windsor's west side is closing October 24th.
There's no other grocery store in the area, now some are using the term "food desert" to describe the situation.

Listen audio (runs 7:42)

Inside the Detroit Tiger Clubhouse

Former Detroit Tigers catcher Joe Siddall gives us an insiders look into the teams Clubhouse during these play-offs.

Listen audio (runs 6:51)

International tomato wars hitting local growers

There's a blossoming tomato trade war happening between the United States and Mexico... and it's bruising the bottom line for tomato growers in Leamington.

Listen audio (runs 6:53)

Joe Siddall talks Tiger fever

Joe Siddall is a Windsor native and a former Detroit Tiger who continues to work as a practice catcher for the team. Find out what he expects to see in this seasons playoffs.

Listen audio (runs 8:01)

The future of Oakwood

The School is now closed, but what about the community centre? Last night, there was a public meeting to talk about the future of the busiest community centre in the city. Jan Wilson is Executive Director of Recreation and Culture for the City of Windsor.

Listen audio (runs 5:57)

City Council Panel

Fulvio Valentinis and Bill Marra talk about protecting Windsor's history ... or not.

Listen audio (runs 8:02)

Tough questions for border guards

The CBSA, is asking its employees to voluntarily answer 23 pages of questions.
But these aren't your normal run of the mill questions.

Listen audio (runs 6:07)

Windsor's own media App developers

First there was Angry Birds. Now there's Bad Piggies. What can Windsor game developer Red Piston learn from all of this?

Listen audio (runs 8:03)