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CAW child care centre closes

After 20-plus years taking care of kids, the C-A-W Child Care Centre will close, for good, tonight.

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The CAW reaches a tenative deal with Chrysler

Dino Chiodo is the president of local 444 in Windsor, he spent several weeks at the bargaining table on behalf of Windsor's five thousand Chrysler employees. How does he feel about the tentative deal?

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Ford recalls laid-off workers

One worker who's been on lay-off for four years, now has to chose between going back to the plant or keeping up the business he started.

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Young entrepreneurs

What inspires young Canadians to start their own businesses?

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City Council Panel

Can Windsor City Council hold the line on taxes? No increase for the fifth year in a row? Hilary Payne and Drew Dilkens make up this week's city council panel.

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Cheese smuggling across the border

CBC news has learned cheese smuggling is happening in the Niagara Region. But could it also be happening in Windsor? We'll speak with one pizzeria owner who's been offered cheap mozzarella.

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University of Windsor marijuana Streeters

Some young peoples thoughts and opinions on marijuana.

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University group promotes alternatives to drinking

A group at the University of Windsor called "the Student Alcohol Education team", promotes responsible drinking alternatives to students.

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Bong business booming near University of Windsor

Endless Heights "Culture Shop" is a store that sells all kinds of things associated with using marijuana, except the drug itself.
The store is proving to be quite popular with students. In fact, according to one of the shops owners business has never been higher.

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NDP labour critic Taras Natyshak on workers' rights

The death of a gas station attendant in Toronto has uncovered a larger issue about workers' rights. Essex MPP Taras Natyshak, says workers should never have to reimburse their employer for stolen goods.

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Auto researcher Tony Faria on CAW talks

Last night the CAW reached a tentative contract agreement with GM and it's similar to the one reached with Ford earlier this week. Can a deal now be reached with Chrysler? We'll find out what Tony Faria thinks, he's a Director of Automotive Research at the University of Windsor.

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The 411 on backyard fire pits

Is it ok to have a fire pit in your backyard? John Lee is the acting fire prevention officer with Windsor Fire and Rescue. He's here to answer that burning question.

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Spitfires Head Coach Bob Boughner

The Windsor Spitfires open their season tonight at the WFCU Centre. Head Coach Bob Boughner will tell us what he thinks about this years team as well as some new rules regarding fighting.

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Adventure in the high Arctic

University of Windsor communications officer Steve Fields is bound for the high Arctic. But he won't be looking for shipwrecks or sunken treasure.

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City Council Panel

Counselors Ron Jones and Percy Hatfield discuss how City Council plans to deal with Windsor's Skunk problems.

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Kyle Wellwod of the Winnipeg Jets on the NHL lockout

About 700 NHL players have been benched so to speak. They were locked out by the league on the weekend. Kyle Wellwood of the Winnipeg Jets drops by to share his thoughts on the lockout.

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Dino Chiodo discusses looming strike deadline

The countdown is on for a deal for Canadian auto workers, otherwise thousands of them may hit the picket line Monday night.

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Is the Ontario horse breeding industry in jeopardy?

Yearlings for sale. Young standardbred horses are on the auction block but will anybody want them?

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The problem with contraband tobacco

Stopping the smokes along the so-called "Contraband Trail" Our guest says illegal smokes are lighting up our region.

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A grocery store may be coming to the U of W Campus

Two Ontario universities Western and Queens already have Grocery Checkout stores on their campuses. We'll find out how it's working there.

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City Council Panel

This week Councilor's Fulvio Valentinis and Alan Halberstadt discuss Windsor's blight problems.

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Ken Lewenza talks "Big Three" contract negotiations

The CAW takes on all 3 auto makers in contract talks. We'll speak with president Ken Lewenza for the latest from the negotiations in Toronto.

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Provincially appointed board supervisor

An interview with the provincially appointed supervisor for the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board, Norbert Hartmann.

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Windsor Police want you !

The Windsor Police are reaching out. They're recruiting and they want to hear from a wider range of candidates.

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Maghnieh reacts to punishment

City councillor Al Maghnieh faces a 45-day pay suspension as recommended by Windsor's Integrity Commissioner.
This is in response to the revelation that he abused a corporate credit card, issued him as the chair of the library board.

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City Council Panel

The city's integrity commissioner delivered his report on the Al Maghnieh credit card affair last night ... and it contains recommendations. We'll discuss these recommendations and more with city councillors Jo-Anne Gignac and Bill Marra.

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Year round schooling may be headed to Windsor / Essex

A year round school calendar is being considered for Windsor Essex. We'll ask education director Warren Kennedy about the pros and cons and which schools may be making the transition.

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