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August 2012 Archives

Windsor's first black police officer honoured

In 1942 the city of Windsor hired it's first black police officer. 70 years later, the late Alton Parker is being remembered with a ceremony at the park named in his honour.

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Helping students with diabetes

There's help on the way for children whose school supplies include not just pencils and pens but also an insulin needle. Windsor Regional Hospital and the local health unit are trying to make their time in the classroom easier for them.

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Catholic board doing away with kilts

With the start of school right around the corner, some Windsor Catholic highschools are doing away with Kilts in favour of Skorts.

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Windsor accepts OLG settlement for Racetrack Slots, Sarnia does not

Windsor has settled its dispute with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation over a financial settlement of the slots at racetracks program, Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley continues to reject the offer.

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The RCMP's Musical Ride is Coming to Town

Think Canadian traditions ... things that just shout "Canada!"
Few measure up to a bunch of cops on horseback ... the tradition that is the RCMP Musical Ride. The first ride was held in Regina in 1887 ... so here we are, 125 years later.
The Musical Ride appears in McGregor this Sunday ... in a fundraiser for the Windsor-Essex Therapeutic Riding Association.
32 scarlet-clad Mounties ... lances in hand ... performing those intricate manoevres.
One of those Mounties is from Leamington. Constable Sarah Brophey is a Musical Ride rookie.

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Proposed Pay Hike for OPP too Expensive for Municipalities

A proposed pay hike may see OPP officers getting an eight-and-a-half percent salary bump by 2014.
This has raised the ire of some municipal politicians who says their towns can't afford it.
Gary McNamara is Mayor of Tecumseh and President of the Ontario Association of Municipalities. He's just returned from the AMO's annual conference in Ottawa.

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Mayor Francis Adresses the sale of the former Grace Hospital

Yesterday was a significant one in the saga of the old Salvation Army Grace Hospital in Windsor.
Tony Battaglia ... a businessman from Hamilton ... held the mortgage on the building.
Yesterday he went to Windsor city hall and paid more than 900,000 dollars in back taxes ... opting not to pay outstanding taxes on some residential properties south of the old hospital. Mr. Battaglia says he has a buyer for the building ... and the land it sits on ... but he won't identify that person ... or persons.
He expects that deal to be completed within the next week or two.

Nobody's been watching all of this with any more interested than Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis.

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Windsor Raceway to be mothballed August 31st

According to Windsor Raceway officials, the track could be closed in less than two weeks.
That has local horsemen and women on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear the final word on their futures.
Mark Williams runs a training and breeding operation in Essex. He's also area director for the Ontario Harness Horse Association.

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Local Apple Orchards hit hard by turbulent weather

We've had some extreme weather over the past few months. An early spring ... unusually hot ... then (seemingly out of nowhere) ... a frost. And we've had a mostly dry summer, with a few hailstorms.
Many crops are struggling and apple orchards are no different.
Harold Wagner owns Wagner Orchard and Estate Winery in Lakeshore.

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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Ride

A motorcycle awareness ride this weekend will try to call attention to the many recent motorcycle deaths in the region. I'll speak with a veteran rider about the event.

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The Battle of Detroit 200th Anniversary

Two hundred years ago today, a British force under the command of Sir Issac Brock along with their Native allies under Chief Tecumseh, captured Fort Detroit.
The battle turned the tables in favour of the British and the rest, as they say, is history.
Madelyn Della Valle is Curator of Windsor's Community Museum.

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Diabetes Wellness for new Canadians

There are many adjustments to be made when making the move to a
new country. One of them is food. And for many recent immigrants, the
food they eat here in Canada is increasing their risk of Type Two
diabetes. Windsor-Essex is no exception and, later in the show, we'll
hear from two diabetes educators about what's being done locally to
deal with the problem.

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New home for young men opens in Windsor

After years of working to raise money and find a suitable location, the people working to set up a place of refuge for homeless young men in Windsor are almost ready to open the doors. The Windsor Residence for Young Men took possession of a former church manse on Langlois Avenue last week.
They're in the midst of renovating the place, in hopes of having it open before school starts in September. Yesterday, I was given a tour of the new home by Greg Goulin, a local lawyer who's spearheaded the project.

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Day Care Waits

Finding a place for your child to go to daycare is not a problem in Windsor, but finding a way to pay for it is another matter.
For the first time in more than a decade, there is a waiting list for subsidized daycare spots. That means low-income families will find it more difficult to find suitable care for their children. Debbie Cercone is the executive director of housing and children's services for the city.

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City Council Panel

The next step is putting a shovel in the ground. A new long-term care facility will go ahead after a decision last night by Windsor city council. We'll hear from Fulvio Valentinis and Drew Dilkens in our council panel.

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Windsor's Champion Police Dogs

Windsor is the home of champions - and they didn't have to travel all the way to London to win. The canine unit of the Windsor police captured 14 trophies at a competition in Metro Detroit.
The competition was the regional trials of the U-S Police Canine Association. Windsor's dogs and their handlers took all of the top awards, including searching, agility, overall score and even the top rookie dog. Joining us is one of the officers who competed.

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"Windsor Eats" Awards

What's your favourite restaurant in Windsor? Windsor Eats - a popular culinary website - has been asking. And now, it will crown local champions in a handful of categories.
After a month of online voting, the results have been tabulated and we're going to hear the winners this morning.

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Local Olympian Amanda Reason

Earlier this week, an 18-year-old swimmer from LaSalle came oh so close to winning a medal.
Amanda Reason was part of the 4-by-200-metre swim team.

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John "Daddy" Hall, War of 1812 Veteran and Freed Slave

It's a big weekend for historical celebrations. The Roots to Boots Festival is taking place in Amherstburg to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.
It's also Windsor's annual Emancipation Day Celebration at Festival Plaza. And there's an interesting connection between them.
We're going to tell you the story of a soldier who fought with Chief Tecumseh, by the name of John "Daddy" Hall. Here with the details is Peter Meyler. He's the editor of the newest edition of the historical memoir "Broken Shackles," and he'll be in Amherstburg on Sunday.

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Local Wineries are Puzzled by the LCBO

Winery owners in the area are working to solve the L-C-B-O puzzle.
They say there are too many barriers to getting their products in the hands, and wineglasses, of consumers. Yesterday, they met for a roundtable discussion at the Pelee Island Winery in Kingsville. Tom O'Brien was there.
He's the founder of Cooper's Hawk Vineyards near Harrow.
He's also the president of the Essex Pelee Island Coast Wine Growers Association.

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Dramatic Kitten Rescue in Kingsville

He disappeared Sunday night. After nearly 2 days, a stray kitten in Kingsville was finally rescued from a real tricky spot.
Barbara and Larry Wuerch are celebrating, because the little guy is like one of the family.
They recount the story of the dramatic search and rescue.

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