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July 2012 Archives

The Sinking of the Montrose, 50 years later

A massive British freighter called The Montrose was lying on its side near the Ambassador Bridge. It had collided with a barge overnight, tearing a huge hole in its hull.
The ship had begun its voyage in Portugal and was on its way to pick up grain in what is now Thunder Bay.

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Lori Strong-Ballard on Dominque Pegg and Team Canada Gymnastics

It's a big day for local favourite Dominque Pegg in London. We talk with former Canadian gymnast Lori Strong-Ballard about Team Canada's chances in gymnastics.

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The Skinny on being Skinny

A young Windsor pharmacist and mother is opening up about a difficult part of her life.
Natalie Packer knows there are many other people in the area who struggle with the same thing she has - an eating eating disorder.
She has recently published a book about her journey with anorexia.
It's called "The Skinny on Being Skinny."

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Teens Create Awarness for Eating Disorders

3 Windsor teenagers have been working for almost a year on a public awareness campaign about eating disorders.
This week, they will finally see their hard work pay off.
They're producing a video with the help of the Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association and a professional production company.
It's called "Rise Up: Debbie's Song." Filming starts tomorrow.

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Well-Come Centre Disaster and Silver Lining

A Windsor organization that provides food and support for women in crisis has gone through its own struggles this week. As you may have heard here on CBC the past couple of days, the Well-Come Centre flooded Wednesday morning.
That destroyed many of the goods it had gathered to give out - from towels and blankets to the contents of their food bank. CBC Windsor has been encouraging our listeners, viewers and readers to lend a helping hand - by bringing the donations here.
Joining me now is the executive director of the Well-Come Centre, Lady Laforet.

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Teens in Recovery at Brentwood

Windsor's Brentwood Recovery Home has recently started a new program aimed at young people.
For 90 days, it treats teenagers suffering from addictions and other personal problems. I went to Brentwood to meet some of those getting help.
One of them is an 18-year-old woman from Sarnia who came to Windsor, for this program.
She starts by explaining a bit about her past.

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Why you may not want to give up your landline phone

Technology is meant to make our lives easier, but in some cases, it might be putting us in danger. More people are foregoing old-fashioned landline telephones, using cell phones as their only source of communication. But if you ever need to call 9-1-1, that decision could compromise your safety.To explain, we're joined by Lori Powers.
She's the Director of the Emergency 9-1-1 Centre in Windsor.

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Acting Police Chief Al Frederick discusses rash of bomb threats

Yet another bomb threat was called in yesterday in Windsor.
This time, to a downtown business.
And again, police found it was a false alarm.
Ever since the threat at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel 12 days ago, these bomb threats have become more and more frequent.
There have been 3 at the Ambassador Bridge, alone.
And each time, they must be investigated.
To talk about what's at stake, we're joined by Al Frederick, Windsor's acting police chief.

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Chantal Vallee talks about her Olympic broadcasting debut

We've heard about the athletes representing this areaw at the London Olympics.
But we've just learned another Windsorite will be part of the games, as a broadcaster.
Chantal Vallee, the coach of the women's basketball team at the University of Windsor will be part of the play-by-play team for women's basketball.

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Guns at the Border

Stories about gun violence are leading the news on both sides of the border this morning. In Colorado, a candlelight vigil was held last night, on the eve of the first court appearance for the man charged with killing 12 people and wounding 58 in a movie theatre. In Toronto, the premier, mayor and police chief meet today, a week after 2 people were killed and 23 injured when gunfire erupted at a neighbourhood barbecue.
Despite the similarities between these news items, the laws when it comes to firearms are very different in Canada and the United States. Which can lead to some issues at Windsor's border crossings. It's not uncommon for American citizens crossing into the tunnel or bridge to forget they're packing a gun. A local defense lawyer joins us on the phone to talk about this.

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Where do E-Bikes Belong?

The booming popularity of e-bikes has opened up a major debate about where the things belong? You'll get impassioned arguments for having them on the streets along with cars, trucks and regular bikes...
And equally ardent cases for putting them anywhere but...
Tonight, Windsor city council is set to make a decision on e-bikes.
The proposed bylaw would ban them from sidewalks and pathways.

David Nickerson owns E-Ride Windsor, he is one of 14 delegations set to speak on the issue tonight at city hall.

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Windsor Smile Campaign

Smile and the world smiles with you. A local artist goes rogue and tries to create positive community vibes through a public art project.

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Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley on Thursday's diesel fuel spill

Yesterday morning, about this time, a boat that had sunk into Lake Huron, was spilling diesel fuel into the water.
The vessel sank at about 4:30 in the morning, closer to the US shore than to Sarnia.
But according to Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley, no one from the US side bothered to inform Canadians about the seriousness of the accident. And that's not all.
To tell us more, we're joined by Mike Bradley, the Mayor of Sarnia.

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Wind turbine opposition in Chatham-Kent

Opponents of wind turbines raised a cheer last week. That's when Health Canada announced it would be studying a possible link between turbine noise and human health.
In our listening area turbines are a fact of life. In Chatham-Kent there could be more than 500 turbines spinning by 2014.
But not if Chatham-Kent Progressive Conservative MPP Rick Nicholls has anything to say about it.

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MP Brian Masse addresses bridge bomb threat

Two days after a bomb threat shut down one of the busiest international crossings in the world... we're still surveying the damage.
The Bridge Company says Canada is to blame for the bomb threat. The company claims that cutbacks to the Canadian Border Service Agency played a role in Monday night's border shutdown.
To give us his perspective, we're joined by Brian Masse, the NDP member of parliament for Windsor West.

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Drowning prevention tips

The temptation of taking a dip into a pool or lake, on hot, muggy days is almost overwhelming. But that refreshment can turn deadly. Find out how to keep safe with Cynthia Cakebread. She's the co-chair of the Lifesaving Society for Windsor-Essex.

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Bomb threat shuts down Ambassador Bridge

It happened again.
A bomb threat shut down the Windsor-Detroit tunnel last Thursday. And last night another bomb threat shut down the Ambassador Bridge for 5 hours.
To help span the effects these threats and shutdowns have had, and could have in the future, we're joined by Bill Anderson.

Mr. Anderson is a professor in the political science department at the University of Windsor and the Ontario Research Chair in Cross-Border Transportation policy.

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Rap Battle Promoter Adam Wolfe

Windsor isn't known as the home of Hip Hop, but a local music promoter is trying to change that. A rap battle at the Boom Boom Room Saturday night is just the start. We'll hear from Adam Wolfe.

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Tecumseh Physiotherapist Olympic bound

For a Tecumseh physiotherapist, it's the opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to work with athletes at the Olympic Summer games in London.

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A competition for local rappers "The Border City Battle Club"

It's a first for Windsor. The Border City Battle Club is a competition for local rappers. It's happening tomorrow night and it's all because of an urban barbershop on Ouellette Avenue.

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Police Deputy addresses turmoil at Ouellette apartment building

Almost every day Windsor police are responding to a call at one particular Windsor apartment building - from domestic violence to drunken fights. There was even a stabbing earlier this week. Why is the building in such turmoil and what can be done to fix it? We'll talk with deputy police chief Jerome Brannagan.

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Pharmacist addresses Fentanyl abuse

Yesterday, we told you about a warning from police in Sarnia about the growing use of a painkiller called Fentanyl. It's being abused by addicts, sometimes as a replacement for Oxycontin.
We talked to a man whose wife died of a fentanyl overdose last October. She was prescribed the drug after back surgery, but became addicted and as her addiction got worse, she started forging prescriptions.

How was she able to obtain the drug, legally or otherwise, to the point where she overdosed and died?
To help shed some light on it, we've contacted Tim Brady, President of the Essex County Pharmacists Association.

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Sarnia man speaks out after his wife's Fentanyl overdose

Police are warning about the growing abuse of a drug called Fentanyl.
One man in Sarnia says his wife kept her addiction hidden from him for years, until she died an overdose last fall. We'll hear from him in a minute.
First, we'll hear from Detective Constable Ivan Skinn. He's with the Vice Branch of Sarnia Police Services. He says Fentanyl is comparable to Oxycontin. It's a painkiller and he says it's linked to several overdoses in the past year.

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2012 Windsor Eats Awards

Culinary tourism is considered one of the keys to the economic future of Windsor and Essex, but do we have what it takes to bring Foodies to our region?
It's food for thought as you vote in the 2012 Windsor Eats Awards. The awards return again this year, to select the favourite restaurants, wineries and local food heroes in our region.
One of the people behind the Awards is the co-owner of Windsor Eats Adriano Ciotoli. He joins me in the studio.

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Outgoing Dean

There is a disproportionate number of black students at the University of Windsor and Cecil Houston wouldn't have it any other way. He's the outgoing Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
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Athlete's Future

They say that when one door closes, a window opens. Jamie Adjetey-Nelson is hoping it's true.
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Crop Damage

Essex County Farmers were having an up and down Spring. Some farmers in the Harrow
area were optimistic about their corn, soybean and wheat crops. A hailstorm on Sunday evening changed all that.
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Dwindling Bird Species

Canada's bird populations, where many species are concerned, are in serious decline and it is happening right here in our area.
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