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June 2012 Archives

Restaurant Protest

Our burger competitors turned up the flame on their grills, but the heat is off for one restaurant owner in Windsor. He's protesting the ban on the lebanese raw meat dish kibbeh.
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Preparing for Vacation

Book the time off, make some hotel or campground reservations, make sure you have somebody to look after your pets and talk to a psychiatrist.
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Schools Closing

A sure-fire way to upset any Parent is to tell them their child's school is closing. The Catholic School Board made its decision last night about closures in Windsor, Lakeshore and Amherstburg.
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Best Burger

We are coming up to Canada Day this weekend, time to fire up the barbecue and hear that sizzle on the grill. We are talking burgers with a guy known for some pretty tasty concoctions.
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Council Panel - eBikes

Want to start a conversation in Windsor? Just say eBike and away you go. The City of Windsor proposes to change regulations that apply to those little electric scooters.
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Parents and Report Cards

It's the last week of school which means it's report card time! What to do if your child's report card isn't what you hoped it would be.
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Farewell Kevin George

He's from Whiteway, on Trinity Bay in Newfoundland. He arrived in Tecumseh fourteen years ago, and has had a dramatic impact on the community.
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Buyer Beware

There's a growing illegal practice called Curbsiding. It involves the sale of used cars and a Windsor man has pleaded guilty and been fined for doing it.
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Memory Testing

You have the car keys in your hand, you put them down for a second to do something, sixty seconds later, you can't remember where you put them. Is that just a frustrating memory lapse or a sign of something more serious?
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Discover Ontario?

Ontario - Yours to Discover, but why is our area nowhere to be found in the Province's latest tourism commercial?
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Hospital CEO Appointed

A new era at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital. Government-appointed Supervisor, Ken Deane changes his status from temporary to permanent.
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Teachers and Your Children

If your Child has a problem with a Teacher at school, what should they do? What should you do?
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Major Bridge Announcement Today

The announcement is coming today. The official green light ... signalling the construction of a new, publicly-owned bridge connecting Windsor and Detroit.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will be here for the announcement this morning..
It's been a long road to get to this point and someone who knows that well is the Perrin Beatty, the President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

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Windsor-Essex Parkway Job Estimates

Building the Windsor-Essex Parkway will take years and will cost more than a billion dollars. Aside from being an efficient route to the new bridge... the project was sold as a job creator, with estimates of the number of jobs running into the thousands.
But how many jobs has it created so far?

To give us some perspective, we've invited Bill Anderson to join us. He's a Professor of Political Science at the University of Windsor ... and
Ontario Research Chair in Cross-Border Transportation. He's been studying the Parkway Project.

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Local Apple Crop Ruined

It's a story the Early Shift has covered since the winter that never really happened.
A warm winter and mild spring caused apple trees blossomed early.
And in one fell swoop ... one colder than usual night ... a multi-million dollar industry was virtually ruined. Apple blossoms destroyed by frost.
Now local farmers are hoping for some financial help to offset what they're calling "a disaster." Keith Wright grows apples in the Harrow area.

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CP Rail Engineer Discusses Lakeshore Tradgedy

It was one of those accidents that broke hearts all over the Windsor-Essex region.
Two little girls ... ages six and three ... killed in a collision between a minivan and a freight train on the weekend in Lakeshore ...

Their father and four-year-old brother severely injured. Their 18-month-old sister injured ... but okay ...
Think about the man at the controls of that freight train.
They see that minivan on the tracks and know there is little or nothing they can do.
Tom Sonier knows all about it. Mr. Sonier has been a CP Rail engineer for 33 years.

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G-M family layed off Again

About two thousand workers at General Motors' Oshawa plant could be jobless as early as this October ...after the company decided to shut down one of its assembly lines on June 1st, 2013. Some of those workers are Windsorites who moved to Oshawa after being laid off here. Coming up, I'll speak with one such Windsorite who has just received yet another layoff notice.

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Mayor Francis Reacts to Lastest Police Assault Charge

A 12-year veteran of the Windsor Police Service was suspended yesterday.
Suspended with pay after a man was assaulted by the officer at a YMCA residence in the 1100 block of McDougall
Avenue in Windsor.

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Olympic Wrestler David Tremblay

An Olympic dream is about to come true for a local athlete. We'll hear what has inspired David Tremblay and why he's come home to speak with school children in the area.

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More Credit Card Woes for Councilor Al Maghnieh

Questions are being raised about city councillor Al Maghnieh's use of a corporate credit card while he worked for the Catholic School Board. CBC News has obtained documents which show Al Maghnieh charged nearly 34-hundred dollars in business expenses to his school board credit card. But he had to pay back nearly 2-thousand dollars of it, because in many cases he did not provide appropriate receipts.
Maghnieh was working as the school board's strategic planning and communications administrator. He resigned in April.

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Representing Yourself in Court

There's a popular saying in legal circles: "He who represents himself has a fool for a client."
But is it true?

That's one of the questions a professor at the University of Windsor is trying to find out.
Julie Macfarlane is interviewing people who have chosen to go to court without a lawyer. It's a practice that's becoming more and more common.

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Windsor's Changing Bar Scene

Being a border town is not the same as it used to be. Passports, the Canadian dollar, post 9/11 security. And today it changes just a little bit more with loosened rules about cross-border shopping. Coming up, we'll take a look at Windsor's downtown bar scene, and how it's changed, for better or for worse.

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