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May 2012 Archives

Finance Column

The Bank of Canada has been warning us for years ... We're all taking on too much debt. And if the Bank of Canada's warning hasn't sunk in perhaps your mother's has.
But here's the interesting thing ... a survey conducted by CIBC reveals promising news. The majority of Canadians are still in debt but nearly half of us are trying to pay it off ahead of schedule.
Jason Smith is an investment advisor with RBC Dominion Securities in Windsor. He is The Early Shift's personal finance columnist.

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Tim Hortons in Windsor Hospitals are Losing Money

There's a reason there's a Tim Hortons franchise on every corner - they make a lot of money. But not if that Tim's is located in a hospital. We'll find out why the Tim's in the Windsor Regional Hospital's cafeteria is losing tens of thousands of our health care dollars. That's coming up on The Early Shift.

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Adam Henrique Billet Marc Crevier

Marc Crevier billeted Adam Henrique of the New Jersey Devils during the four years Henrique played for the Windsor Spitfires.
The Devils play the Los Angeles Kings in the opening game of the Stanley Cup finals tonight. It's on CBC television at eight o'clock.

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City Councillors Gignac and Jones Discuss Former Grace Site

Is the clock about to strike midnight for the former Grace hospital site? It's been sitting derelict for years while developers struggle to give it new life. We'll hear what the city plans to do about it, coming up on The Early Shift when city councillors Jo-Anne Gignac and Ron Jones join us.

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New Library Board Members

What do Howard Pawley, the former Premier of Manitoba, and Peter Frise, the scientist and automotive researcher, have in common? They're both new members of the Windsor Public Library Board. We'll find out why they wanted to join the board, and I'm guessing it's not just their love of books.
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Bike to Work

Pull on your bike shorts or your yoga pants and strap on your helmet. Bike to Work Day is coming up.
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Insulting Workers

The CAW's approach to the auto industry is insulting to workers says automotive consultant Dennis DesRosiers.
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Epidemic of Medical Errors and Hospital-Acquired Infections

Thousands of Ontarians die every year because of medical mistakes, infections they get at the hospital and cuts to health care spending. Some strong claims made by a new book.
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St. Leonard's House

Skip Graham has been working with federal prisoners and hardened criminals for 34 years. For thirty-two of those years he has been the Executive Director of St. Leonard's, a halfway house in downtown Windsor.
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Wilderness Quest

In a country as sparsely populated as Canada you'd think wilderness would be abundant. According to camping expert Kevin Callan, real wilderness experiences aren't always easy to find.
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Standardized Testing

We are not doing our children any favours with standardized testing so says Alfie Kohn, a noted American author and lecturer.
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Killer Rhododendrons

What do purple loosestrife, American bullfrogs and sea lampreys all have in common? According to the new book, The Attack of the Killer Rhododendrons they are all found where they shouldn't be!
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Federal Budget

The fight over the Federal Budget continues because Opposition MPs are promising to introduce hundreds of amendments that could tie up the bill for days or weeks, in an effort to put the spotlight on the situation and gather public support.
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Green Energy Failure

Green energy is proving to be a false economy so says the Progressive Conservative energy critici. Vic Fedeli points to the failure of two Windsor companies as proof.
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Top Level Meeting

A secret meeting in downtown Windsor. A Governor and a Cabinet Minister and talk of the new cross-border bridge rises to new heights.
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Black Cutworm Moth

The perfect storm. We have ideal conditions for an insect that's targetting the corn crops.
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Memory and Aging Project

How having a purpose in life can help stave off cognitive decline in your later years.
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Electro-Convulsive Therapy

A Windsor woman fights for medical treatment for her grown son. He wants electro-convulsive therapy, but can't get it here in Windsor.
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National Mental Health Strategy

Critics say it's long overdue, today Canada's National Mental Health Strategy will be launched.
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Brain Tumour Awareness

Putting a brave face on her real life struggles. A Windsor woman brings awareness to the issue of brain tumours. It's something she's had to deal with for most of her adult life.
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Last Performances

He made a lasting impression on Windsor but soon he will give his final farewell. Maestro John Morris Russell prepares for his last performances with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra.
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Officer Sentenced

A man hired to serve and protect the citizens of Windsor is sentenced to five months in jail. The acting Chief of the Windsor Police Service, Al Frederick, shares his thoughts.
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Nursery School Closes

June Stevens has been running a nursery school in the basement of her home in Walkerville for 42 years. That all ends next month.
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Windsor's Integrity Commissioner

Enforcing integrity at city hall. The Al Maghnieh affair has prompted much debate about what's considered proper behaviour for our elected officials.
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