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April 2012 Archives

Parenting: Changing Schools

Changing schools can be a difficult process for children and teens alike. To help guide your Child through the move, we called on our Parenting Consultant Win Harwood.
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Bruce White Atrium

A lasting legacy. A Windsor Teacher will have his name enshrined at the University of Waterloo.
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Counterfeit Goods

Catching the fakes is getting a lot harder than it used to be. Online shoppers can find everything from fake designer shoes and purses, to immitation iPods and hockey sweaters.
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No Provincial Election

Dalton McGuinty's Liberal minority government will live another day, which is a figure of speech of course. In actual fact it is likely to live for another year.
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Windsor Mega-Hospital

Dwight Duncan says one big facility could be a good idea for Windsor. Hear what the Administration from the existing hospitals feel about that.
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False Allegations

Find out how Teachers can be affected by false allegations of abuse and what impact it's having in the classroom.
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Medical Records for Sale

The reported sale of Zeller's pharmacy records to Loblaws has many people wondering when and how their personal medical records became a commodity.
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Alcohol: Good and Bad?

A new study says drinking beer improves your creativity but another says it muddies the mind.
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Windsor Trained Doctors

The first batch of Windsor educated Doctors is set to graduate in the coming months. A conversation with two of those students, both of whom are from the Windsor area, and both of whom will stay for their residency training.
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Helping Hand

Windsor City Councillors step up the effort to get answers after the decision to remove slot machines from Windsor Raceway.
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Home Fire Concerns

Fires can spread quicker in new homes thanks to newer and faster burning flamable materials. That's made life somewhat more difficult for Windsor homeowners and firefighters
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Home First

A shortage of long-term care beds in Windsor has been an issue for several years but proponents of a program have hopes of aleviating pressure felt by families and hospitals.
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Childrens' Pain Management

Why Doctors believe codeine is behind the recent deaths of two children and whether kids' pain can be managed without the use of narcotics.
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Alarms Disabled

Fire alarms deliberately turned off on the University campus and the Windsor Fire Chief is fine with it.
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CBC Cuts

CBC management revealed details Tuesday about how the budget cut facing the corporation will affect programming.
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Volunteers Needed

An ambitious online research project aims at getting twenty thousand Windsorites involved.
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The Dairy Freez

The Dairy Freez in North Ridge, an Essex County tradition. It's not fancy, the menu's not long and it seems they haven't redecorated since the 50s, but for some reason, it lives on.
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Narrative Medicine

A fear of dying is one of the most universal phobias. Dr. Gordon Giddings of Windsor Regional Hospital says we should look at it as a chance to remember the best parts of our lives.
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A little dirt might not hurt. An anti-bacterial chemical found in some soap and toothpaste may be doing more harm than good.
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Windsor Police Services

We hit the streets with one Officer for a look at what it is they are up against and how they are coping with the recent controversies. Plus an update on the Service three months after the resignation of the Chief, the appointment of an interim Chief, and a promise to change the culture of the department.
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