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March 2012 Archives

Pension Tension

The age of eligibility for Old Age Security is increasing to 67 and it has some people wondering what this will mean for their futures.
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Green Job Loss

Two years ago a company blew into town and was promising green jobs and lots of them. Today Windtronics is packing up and shipping the business to Michigan and company officials say Ontario's Green Energy Act is to blame.
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Ontario's Budget

A big budget to address a big problem. Ontario's 16-billion dollar deficit requires some strict belt tightening. That news was delivered by the Finance Minister Dwight Duncan.
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Workforce Windsor-Essex

Social media writers, farm workers, heavy equipment operators, physiotherapists and electrical engineers are just a few of the jobs that a Windsor group has identified as promising careers for young people in our area.
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Invasive Species

An invasive fish that almost wiped out the Great Lakes fishery fifty years ago is back. The dreaded sea lamprey.
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Spitfire Goalie

Sixty-eight regular season games are behind us, now it's playoff time for the Windsor Spitfires. A conversation with goaltender John Cullen.
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Feel the Pinch

When the OLG takes those slot machines out of Windsor Raceway next month, a lot of lives are going to change. It's a matter of degree of course but chances are it will affect all Windsorites.
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Honey Threat

Beekeeping is something the overwhelming majority of us know nothing about. We know even less about a beetle that is threatening the honey.
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New NDP Leader?

The countdown is on for the NDP to nominate its new leader.
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Parenting Column

How do your beliefs affect your parenting? That is something our Parenting expert will try and answer.
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Gryphoceratops Morrisoni

It isn't every day a museum lab technician gets a dinosaur named after him. The namesake for Gryphoceratops Morrisoni will be with us to explain why he was chosen for this distinct honour.
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Race Track Slots Closing

Morally corrupt and irresponsible. That's how the Mayor of Sarnia characterizes those who are shutting down the slot machines at the region's race tracks.
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Inapproriate Search?

Allegations of assault against US Border Guards at the bridge and at the tunnel. A total of 4 Canadian woman have now claimed they were inappropriately searched and assaulted in separate incidents while trying to cross the border into Detroit.
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Wind Turbine Debate

Courting public opinion on Wind Turbines. Local MPP Rick Nicholls has organized a town hall tonight in Chatham. He says the doors are open to everyone and he wants to hear all sides of the debate.
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Canadian Charter of Rights

Do we know our rights and do we really care? A group of Windsor Law Students tries to stir up debate about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It's all linked to the Charter's 30th anniversary.
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The Fifth Estate looks inside North America's billion-dollar pain management industry. Linden MacIntyre talks about how OxyContin went from being a safe narcotic to the stuff of widespread addiction and abuse.
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Exercise Changes DNA?

You can change your hair colour, wardrobe and makeup but not your genes. Dr. Peter Lin tells us about some new research that says exercise can actually alter your DNA.
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Automobile Love Affair

Windsor's century old love affair with the automobile means we aren't avid users of public transit in this city, for many it just isn't practical.
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Windsor's Budget

Cutting corners, pinching pennies and still providing services at the same time. Windsor City Council juggles the budget trying to make everyone happy.
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Princess Culture

It's called the Princess Culture and it's led to such television productions as Toddlers and Tiaras. It troubles Early Shift Parenting Consultant Win Harwood.
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Ethics of Repairmen

When you need something in your home fixed and fast, you likely call your local home repair service. A new Marketplace episode tests the skills and ethics of some of those repair services.
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Flu Season?

Why the flu virus is making itself scarce this year and whether we're in the clear.
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