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February 2012 Archives

Food Matters

Locally grown food is great, and we definitely have more access to it than ever before. Is it getting to the people who really need it?
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No City Tax Increase

Windsor City Council is looking at a figure of 317.17 million dollars to run the City in 2012 and that means no tax increase. How did they get there?
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Grief Counselling

Saying goodbye to an old friend isn't always easy. You've heard of grief counselling when you've lost a relative, but there's also counselling if you've lost a pet.
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Hefty Price of Eye Glasses

Marketplace co-host, Tom Harrington, will tell us about the mark-ups his team discovered at some of Canada's major optical retailers.
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Success Means Expensive

Varsity sport at the University of Windsor is a million-dollar operation unless the Lancers are successful, in which case it's more than that.
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Retirement Reform

Justifying retirement reform. Find out how the Government is pitching Old Age Security changes to Canadians.
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Hiding Facts?

Former City Councillor, Ken Lewenza Junior, took reporters on a tour yesterday. He told them that Windsor City Hall is hiding facts about its Utilities Commission.
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Lancers' Co-Captains Iva Peklova and Emily Abbott

They took a chance, and it paid off. Iva Peklova and Emily Abbott, student-athletes, left their families behind to move to Windsor and play for the Lancers. They became co-captains and Canadian champions.
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Childrens' Sleep Habits

Dr. Lin tells us about a new study that looks at how childrens' sleep habits have changed over the past hundred years.
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Health Care Checkup

A Windsor woman is leading a group that is taking an innovative look at Canada's Health Care System. Looking around the world and seeing which best practises might be good for us.
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Regional Job Fund

The County of Essex has been sitting on a three hundred thousand dollar Job Fund, just waiting for an opportunity to use it. That opportunity may be coming up soon.
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Memories of the Barn

It was built in 1924 and it still sits on the corner of MacDougall and Wyandotte in downtown Windsor. Sometime within the next couple of weeks, Windsor Arena will cease to be a hockey venue.
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Marketing The Winter Classic

The Winter Classic, the NHL's outdoor game, is officially coming to Michigan. Where does Windsor fit into all the hoopla?
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Windsor Fails in Recycling

Windsor recyclers get a failing grade. It seems we're not doing a good enough job sorting our garbage.
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Future of Organized Labour

The year 2012 has already been a rough year for the labour movement in southern Ontario. Four hundred CAW members lost their jobs in London when Catepillar closed the Electro-Motive plant. What's in store for organized labour?
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Windsor Political Panel

There's never a lack of action at Windsor City Hall. To keep track of all the political comings and goings, The Early Shift has elected to start a regular political panel featuring City Councillors.
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Union Battle

The battle lines have been drawn, but is the war already over? The labour dispute at Electro-Motive in London comes to a crashing end.
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Lousy Labels

How can food companies get away with making some of the claims you find on their packaging?
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Perils of Self-diagnosing

Peace of mind at the click of a mouse. Find out just how accurate Dr. Search is, and how effectively the Internet's medical information is policed.
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Human Trafficking

Members of the Windsor Police Services are being trained in how to detect human trafficking. Hear about the signs and what we should all be watching for.
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