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January 2012 Archives

Hockey Referee Abuse

Hockey can be a violent game, physically and verbally, but what about when that violence is directed at the referees? Abuse of referees is a huge problem, according to a new survey.
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Honour Killings

Honour killings and violence against women. The Shafia trial in Kingston brings sharp reaction from Muslim women in Windsor who say this has nothing to do with Islam.
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Report Card

Will the temporary become permanent? Hotel Dieu Grace Supervisor, Ken Deane reflects on his year at the helm of a troubled hospital.
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Travel Precautions

Here is something you won't find on a travel brochure, travelling to Cuba can make you sick. In fact that true of lots of places if you don't take a few precautions.
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Stick to It

Finding your New Year's resolution to get fit is already starting to wane? Find how technology can help you stick to your get-fit resolutions.
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Windsor Capital Theatre

A city landmark gets a new life while the Windsor Symphony Orchestra gets a new home.
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Rugby Recuiting

The Windsor Rugby Football Club is on a recruiting mission to find teenagers eager to try the game. They may even get a shot at the Olympics one day in the sport.
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Retirement's Harsh New Realities

Personal finance guru, Gordon Pape, brings us some harsh news about preparing for the not-so-golden years of retirement.
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Athletic Scholarships

At the College and University level, only the very best athletes are awarded athletic scholarships. Beginning in the Fall, every St. Clair College Athlete will be eligible for one.
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Ontario's Minister of Finance

He's a man of many titles, many responsibilities and a single purpose - to direct Ontario's financial present and future.
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Queen's Park Break

Queen's Park doesn't resume sitting for another month, so how does MPP,Taras Natyshak, make use of that time?
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Rookie MPP's First Weeks

Queen's Park is on a break, but that doesn't mean it's time for our local Politicians to kick back and relax. Rookie MPP Teresa Piruzza talks about her first session at the Povincial Legislature.
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Bottom Line of Car Seats

Getting cheeky at the international auto show. Sara Elliott went in search of the most comfortable car seat.
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8th Fire

Voices from a new Aboriginal generation. A new CBC documentary series that's challenging stereotypes about First Nations.
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Hospital Beds Available

Freeing up hospital beds. A solution has been brokered that could soon see some patients in Windsor Hospitals moved into long term care beds.
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Remember Me

Forget me not. A University of Windsor Professor commits to learning the names of each and every one of his hundreds of Students.
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Parenting Column

We were all children once, but that doesn't mean we know how to be good parents. There's no shame in asking for help.
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Customer Service?

We have all experienced it, bad customer service. No sales clerks to be found, items not in stock, long lineups. How did things go so wrong?
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Chasing Cures

Find out what we can do to lower our risk of developing cancer, while Scientists are busy chasing a cure.
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Losing Your Battle

Are you losing your battle against the bulge? The latest research in weight loss and why your fat may be there to stay.
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Farmers Gather

The fields of southwestern Ontario are usually empty this time of year, but the conference rooms at Ridgetown College will be full of farmers.
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