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December 2011 Archives

Katrina Repairs

New Orleans is a destination for big parties, but 28 Players and Coaches from Windsor have hard work on their agenda during a visit to the Big Easy.
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Chicken Co-op

Eggs and morning radio go together like eggs and bacon. We checked in with the People running a chicken co-op for birds forced out of the city of Windsor, to see how things are going.
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Hope for Leads

Police in Sarnia hope today's 10th anniversary of an unsolved homicide case will bring some fresh leads.
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Church Reopened

A historic local Church that was closed a couple of years ago, was reopened Friday morning for the funeral of a Riverside man.
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Christmas Bird Count

Loons, Nuthatches, Red-breasted Mergansers and many more. The Christmas Bird Count at Point Pelee National Park draws devoted bird watchers and even a novice birder in our own Sara Elliot.
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Treatment for Cancer

Two Scientists at the University of Windsor are working at something that might be an effective treatment for cancer.
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Arson on the Rise?

Whether its destruction for hire or simple vandalism, arson seems to be on the rise in Windsor, at least it looks that way.
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Reduce Poverty

Pathway to Potential is a community-based organization working to reduce poverty in Windsor and Essex County. Their Executive Director, Adam Vasey, answers the question - Is it possible to reduce poverty in our area?
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Community Champions

MBA students at the University of Windsor will honour twelve Community Leaders by holding a Community Champions event.
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Christmas Spending

Canadians have hit record high debt levels, just in time for the holidays. That means it may be time to ho-ho-hold the spending.
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Christmas Baskets

Five thousand boxes of food for People who otherwise might not be able to afford it. Packing that food is keeping the Windsor Goodfellows busy this week.
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Lakewood Golf Club Future?

Keeping a green space green. The Town of Tecumseh bought Lakewood Golf Club in the summer, now the town is figuring out what to do with it.
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Constant Flooding

When it rains it pours and for residents in the Belcreft Beach area near Colchester, they get water pouring onto their properties and flooding their basements.
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Ontario NDP Leader

The Ontario Legislators are off for the Holidays but they haven't all gone home. Andrea Horwath, NDP Leader, drops bye to answer your questions.
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Border Changes

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the new perimeter security and trade deal will create a modern border for a new century. How will it change life for us here along international boundary?
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Windsor's Police Services was granted a three percent wage increase for 2010. The decision once again raises questions about how the arbitration process works.
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Student Career Help

Ask any High School Student what he or she wants to be when they grow up and in many cases you'll get a blank stare and palms turned toward the ceiling. Fortunately for them, there is help.
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Artist Co-op

The CBC's Sara Elliott discovered a gallery on Wyandotte Street East with sixteen artists, so far, who are involved in a co-op store.
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Platinum Status for Local School

David Suzuki Public School in Windsor is state of the art when it comes to it's environmental friendliness but is it cost effective?
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Border on a Diet

The thickening of the border is an issue of importance to a border city like Windsor. Hear about ways to put that thick border on a diet.
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