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November 2011 Archives

Recuiting Doctors

The City of Windsor will not be putting money into a regional fund that helps recruit doctors. Where does that leave Essex County?
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Ten Friends Diner

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Longterm Care operates a diner in Windsor. It's called Ten Friends Diner and it looks like it's going to be moving.
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Take the Bus

Downtown Windsor is developing with a number of projects planned. They are meant to boost traffic and that could cause conjestion and clog parking lots. Is it time to think about taking a bus?
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True To Your Religion

In this day and age, how hard is it to remain true to your religion, be it Christian, Jew or Muslim? That's a discussion we had and one that will continue on Sunday.
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Ontario's Financial Outlook

Ontario's economy took center stage Wednesday at Queen's Park when Finance Minister Dwight Duncan presented an economic outlook.
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No Place Like Home

As part of CBC Windsor's series, No Place Like Home, reporter Arda Zakarian travelled to Grand Rapids Michigan to find out what Windsor can learn from this city.
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Brain Drain

The city of Windsor has to find some way to keep our sharpest and our hardest working young people here. The future of the city depends on it.
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Rick Hansen

The 25th Anniversary Rick Hansen Relay is in the Windsor area. What's the idea behind it? We asked the Man in Motion himself.
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Head Injuries

In the old days, when a athlete got his bell rung, he might have spent a few extra minutes on the bench, then it was right back to the game. Those days are long gone.
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Words of Wisdom

Wisdom from the world's oldest generation. Hear from a man who compiled advice from more than 15-hundred elders about what it means to live a good life.
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New Library Home

We now know, for certain, the new downtown aquatic centre in Windsor will not include a library.
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What's in it for the Millenials?

This part of Ontario is being sold as a retirement destination but what do we offer those who are forty years away from retirement?
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Intelligent Communities

The City of Windsor made a worldwide list of intelligent communities in 2011. Windsor is the launching pad for a group that wants to make the entire country a smarter place.
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Cyper Bullying

Remember that bully at school who pushed you around the playground or made fun of you? The modern bully has a lot more tools as his or her disposal.
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Trust in Windsor's Finest

Two lawsuits are dogging the Windsor Police Service and they can't help but raise questions about public trust in the people we play to protect us.
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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day, a day that has taken on new meaning for a Windsor pipefitter named Scott Holmes. He spent nine months in Afghanistan.
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Windsor Ward Meetings

Windsor Councillors have been meeting with their constituents this fall to find out what issues and concerns they have. Councillor Alan Halberstadt talks about his Ward meeting.
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Illegal Entry

How do convicted felons get into Canada? An immigration lawyer tells us how.
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Occupy Windsor Update

Across Canada there is growing discussion of removing Occupy Protestors from public places. We check in with Occupy Windsor.
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Windsor International Film Festival

Seven years ago some local film enthusiasts got together and started what they called The Windsor International Film Festival. There were snickers but nobody's laughing now.
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Canadians At War

Back to the battlefields of the First World War. Tracing the route of Canadian soldiers from their first encounter with the Germans to their final battles.
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Bookfest 2011

Windsor's annual celebration of literature happens this weekend. Bookfest 2011 opens tonight and runs through Saturday. A conversation with poet Terry Ann Carter and a University of Windsor Student who is helping edit her latest work.
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Arena for Sale

Riverside Arena is gone but Adstoll Arena is still standing, and might remain so for a longtime. There are investors interested in keeping the old rink open.
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Ontario Narcotics Strategy

The Ontario government is trying to stem the abuse and misuse of prescription narcotics through something called the Ontario Narcotics Strategy.
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