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October 2011 Archives

Disability Hall of Fame

Celia Southward been working for Windsor's Department of Recreation and Culture for thirty-five years. This week she's being honoured for three-and-a-half decades of work on behalf of disabled athletes.
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Help is Available

A visit from a young woman who found solace in The Windsor Essex Community Health Centre's, Teen Health Centre.
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Electronic Medical Records

Eleven years and almost two billion dollars later Canada still has no nation-wide electronic medical records system.
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Manipulation Tactics

Don't fall for the manipulation tactics of the tabacco industry. That's the topic of a lecture at the Trash the Ash Cafe at St. Clair College.
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Women and Shift Work

Finding that balance between work, family and everything else life throws at us is difficult at times and if you're a shift worker it can be next to impossible. Being a woman and doing shift work it's something else altogether.
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Mayor Summit

Mayors of Windsor, Sarnia, Chatham and London are not happy, and they fully intend to do something about it.
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Scouts Scandal

For decades, Scouting has offered the promise of fun, adventure, badges and of course camping. Now allegations of sexual abuse by Scout Leaders are coming to light.
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English as a Second Language

A new country and a new language. The inability to speak English is a huge hurdle for immigrant children. A conversation with a man who's been teaching English as a second language in Windsor for twenty-five years.
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Dementia and Driving

The idea of taking away a loved one's drivers license, because of dementia, is complicated and upsetting.
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Room for All of Us

Room for All of Us is a new book written by former Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson. A conversation with the author about why she wrote it and whether there really is room for all of us in Canada.
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Small Business Week

It's small business week. Small businesses collectively employee many Windsorites, but would you want to own one? A couple of owners explain why they do it.
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The Pan Am Games

First stop Guadalajara, next stop London. The Pan Am games open Friday in Mexico and many athletes have to perform well if they're going to make it to the Olympics.
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Extend Wind Energy

Wind turbine energy has a short shelf life. Researchers at the University of Windsor think they have figured out a way to extent that energy so it can be used later.
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Freeing Up Hospital Beds

Windsor Regional Hospital is assisting in the home care business, as a way to free up badly needed hospital beds.
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Fitness and Nutrition

If you're like me you didn't walk away from the dinner table onThanksgiving day,you waddled. Which makes it a good time to talk about fitness and nutrition.
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